Grell Sutcliffe - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) - manga




Oh Mah Gosh~~ Why did I choose to cosplay Grell for my first ever expo? Because he is such an awesome character with such an amazing personality~~ Because I am so hyper and bouncy and sometimes quite... prone to groping ;D

I also like Red. RED! Grell~~ If you hadn't noticed is just a little... RED!

The hardest part was probably trying to find everything for the cosplay~~ For example the correct contacts... But it was all worth it!

I found the easiest part PROBABLY the getting into character~~ And doing my makeup because I totally love messing around with my face!

I learned that... even if you are a weird, red clad shinigami, people still want their picture taken with you~~ :'D

It was amazing when I wore it because I traveled to London to the MCM London Expo in May this year! It rained a little so I was totally fretting about the whole~~ OH MAH GOD, MAH MAKEUP AND WIG! ; 3; But it was amazing! And thanks to that weekend, I met so many amazing people who I love and adore to this day~~

Thank you!
Desu xxx