Cosplayer: Nachtangel

Variant: Run Devil Run

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

29th May 2013: Complete with pictures! Finally got some pictures of this costume. It's this song that really got me into SNSD (Which if you saw my room you'd know how much of a big deal that was) and even if no one recognised me I'm happy that I did it. Have a bonus photo of me in pain from the epic heels XD

I think I'd like to upgrade this cosplay in the future. Make it so that I have the double top thing going like they do and maybe even do a dance cover in it.

5th July 2011: Belt Complete It took 189 studs but it's done. (My fingers are dead)
I bought two waisted belts and cut one in half to make it long enough to go around my waist, I then added the studs to it and now it's done!

28th June 2011: Top Worked on the top today, added the studs on the sleeves and finally made the hood.
The shorts I originally bought that didnt fit now do (so happy bout that!!) so I dont need to buy another pair.
Just waiting for the studs to arrive to I can make the belt.
Need to practice the dance a bit more and then this cosplay is almost done

25th June 2011: Getting there As my HyperJapan cosplay's are stressing me out at the moment Im going to try and finish this. I'm buying the over top and base belt tomorrow and will add the studs to the top tomorrow night as well as the hood. I have just ordered some circular studs for the belt and will add them when they arrive. Once that is done RunDevilRun is finished apart from learning the dance perfectly~

27th March 2011: Studs Mere seconds after I posted the journal I found some studs <3

27th March 2011: Shoes and progress Bought these on ebay this morning, hopefully they'll be comfy, I can't really see the detail on their shoes but the studs on these match the ones on their sleeves so they should be all right. I'm getting some black material tomorrow to use for the hood as the sequin material on it's own is too see through I'm also getting some tops to use for the long sleeve one and the one underneath, I'm having trouble finding some studs to go on the arms but hopfully a little ebaying will help ^^

25th February 2011: Material So today I finally found the material for their hoods, I've looked in the fabric store every weekend trying to find the sequinned material but they never had it in black (they did have it in every other colour possible including lime green but no black -.-) until today! So I've got some and will hopefully start on the hood soon in between working on my May cosplays as well as Ritsu as I wanna get started on her XD

LemonPanda avatar

LemonPanda - 23rd December 2010
awesome too see someone cosplaying one of their outfits!~
your'll look great!~ * o*

Rain avatar

Rain - 4th February 2011
Very cool! :D This song is defiantly one of their bests, I tried learning the dance once gave up though hahaha xD

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 25th February 2011
So much win! Cant wait to see this!

Love this song, and Sunny is my favourite!

eastasiangeek avatar

eastasiangeek - 5th February 2012
love eeeeet :D