Reno (Advent Children) - Final Fantasy VII




Game plan:
I kinda need new trousers and shoes anyway, so I can kill two birds with one stone on this cosplay XD New blazer wouldn't hurt either cuz you never know lol. As for the rod, I'm planning on buying a lightsaber toy and repainting it so it's still retractable like Reno's rod probably is (I know Rude's is even though you only see it once in Advent Children lol)

Umm, not much else to say apart from the possibility of having to style the wig and getting some like aviator style goggles (fortunately my local party shop does do these XD) ...oh, and I need to find the facepaint I used for my Skyrone cosplay at the Tea Party at the end of June, failing that, have to get some more lol

So basically, my shopping list is:
Blazer (done)
Trousers (done)
White Shirt (Done)
Lightsaber toy (Done)
Face Paint (If I can't find the one I originally bought lol)
Paint for weapon (I think there's some spray paint I can use in my dad's garage, but I may have to get some paint for a few little details)

Update 31/7/08:
Finally got paid yesterday, so I got my lightsaber prop to be repainted which I may do tomorrow if I can find my dad's spray paint XD. Will probably get everything else tomorrow while I'm in town

Update 4/8/08:
Got the blazer and shirt on Friday, though I skipped trousers and shoes lol. Checked around for a wig and goggle, and though I found a wig in the right styl,e it may be kinda short for Reno, so maybe getting a few extensions when the right colours come in would be in order XD


JakeX posted on 23 July, 2008 - 21:48
Dooooooo it now, i love any Renos and as for the tonberry, i couldnt see ;)