Undertaker (Retired Shinigami Form) - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)


Auchinawa 2010




This was a very fun, yet difficult costume to make/buy. At first, I planned to buy the costume, what with it being my first costume, however, breakdown with my commissioner meant that I had to instead do thins from scratch.

I found the long coat and a pair of boots at a charity shop for a really cheap price. The jewelry I got from accessory shops on the high street, the chain had to be made from two separate things, a bracelet and a necklace.

The wig I bought on eBay from a German seller so I didn't have to pay import fee, although it was a little pricy and didn't come with a wig-cap as specified :'(.

The shirt I purchased for cheap from a business clothing wholesale shop online. Apparently Mandarin collar shirts are standard fair for Waiters.

The sash was made using some satin-esque fabric bought at the local fabric/hardware/haberdashery/everything shop in town.

The hat was by far the trickiest part. Firstly, I got a length of black, wired ribbon and tried that, however it was not strong enough and was too transparent. I ended up having to stab an 8 inch length of wire though the ribon and then wrap it in black fabric. It looks okay, and I don't know how else i would have done it, but it was a LOT of sewing. It was not over the, oh no. I then had to make the hat (purchased at a fancy dress shop btw) battered. So I wrapped a piece of black cloth around it and arranged it using sewing, and industrial Velcro which I happened to have to keep it in place.

The chain-belt thing was secured using a badge which was fastened to the coat underneath the sash which kept it hidden ... I though ti worked well ...

The costume is really warm and I am sure it will be great for meets in the cold Scottish weather. However, in a convention atmosphere, and especially during the Masquerade, I got excessive hot. I had one mishap with the chain where the badge came undone as I was standing up, and due to my lack of wig-cap my hair kept falling out, making me look a mess in all my photos :'(. All in all, a very fun cosplay to make, and I will be sure to upload photos soon (with nails and scar make up too!) as soon as I have them.


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