Osaka (Summer Uniform) - AzuManga Daioh (based on the manga)

In Progress




This costume is being made for the Tokyopop ReCon in Kettering.
I used the same principles as my last costume, but improved.
I used the neck thingy from my last costume as a pattern for my new one. Once again used the magic of WonderWeb to make it stick together. Hopefully it will work better!Looking at my manga, I noticed that I needed some blue cord-like stuff coming off the neck thingy, so I sent my dad out and he came back with some ten pence navy blue shoelace. I used a plastic thingy from my blinds, painted with silver nail polish to keep the shoelaces together.
I am probably going to re-use my blue top , and am definetly going to re-use my black shoes and skirt.
I hope this one looks better!


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