Osaka (Summer uniform) - AzuManga Daioh (based on the anime)





A very rushed costume for the Tokyopop ReCon in Leicester Waterstones.
The blue top was my old school uniform t-shirt, and the badge was covered by my hair.
Shoes are my school shoes, ditto the socks.
The sailor suit neck thingy was a VERY rushed job, hence the terribleness. I made it less than 10 mins before I left for the ReCon.
The skirt was £1 from Woolworths, and was about ankle-length.
I used the miracle of WonderWeb to make it the right height.
To tie the neck thing together, I used an old hair bobble.
I hope my eyes were the right colour!They change colour, and I believe they were brown that day.
The hardest part was DEFINETLY finding out HOW to make the neck thingy!


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