Blue Devil (None) - Original Ethnical Visual Kei


Best 25 cosplayers on a local event




This costume came up when I want to have a character that look "VERY blue, evil looking, visuel kei-ish with twist of ethnic elemet, has to be eyecathing, fast and cheap to make"

so I start to salvage any scrap I have at home, shop a bit for the feathers and wires, and try to slap everything together.

the hardest part is making the accessories, the wire hurts to handle T3T
the easy part is when adding extra accecories to vamp up the look. I just took everything from my colletion: bracelet, chains, etc. the fact that its a minimum cost also made me very happy ^^

I learn that a good costume is the one thats easy to lug around. thi one need no ironing and very light, I definetely digg it.

when I wore it, I.. well... I made quite a lot if kid running away crying scared. some teenage girls too. poor people ==a


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