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Marauchettes posted on 14 December, 2010 - 17:55
Awesome, can't wait to see.

Progress Journal

19th January 2011

New Scales

Metal scales were proving difficult (not to mention expensive!) to use. Moved onto using thin foam scales. Painted the first batch gold today. They still need weathering and then they should look quite impressive.

24th December 2010

Cutting Scales

Borrowed some cutters from a friend so the scales are coming along nicely. I have roughly 25 cut so far. Can probably get another 13 / 14 from the sheet i have left.
Just working on filing and attaching the scales i have so far to see how they look together :D

14th December 2010

First materials

Bought myself metal sheeting.
£12 for a 25cm x 50cm sheet.
Going to begin cutting it into scales this week.

Photo to be attached at a later date.

8th December 2010

And so it begins.

Mapped out a rough timeline to follow to have the suit finished in time for Manchester McM Expo. Probably wont stick to it but it gives me something to check myself against for slacking.

I also haven't included the cloak, but i intend to complete that during drying phases of the armour pieces. I also haven't included time needed for electronics to light the crystals... but hopefully i'll work that out as i go.

20th December - acquire materials to start.
25th December - test material for flexibility / ease of use.
1st Jan - test attachment methods.
7th Jan - Begin mass production of scales.
31st Jan - Have enough scales and begin attachment.
15th Feb - Leggings and sleeved tunic complete.
28th Feb - Cardboard dummy for belt / leg-guards complete and craft foam acquired.
7th Mar - Cut out and glue coated for durability
14th Mar - Fabric coated for strength and flexibility.
31st Mar - Painted and aged.
7th April - card frame developed for boots/gloves. materials acquired.
14th April - glue strengthened + layers of fabric to strengthen foam.
30th April - assembled and painted.
7th May - Breastplate/pauldrons mapped and materials assembled.
14th May - Breastplate/pauldrons glue and fabric strengthened.
31st May - Assembled and painted.
7th June - Helm mapped. materials assembled.
14th June - helm glue/fabric strengthened.
30th June - helm assembled / Painted.
7th July - Materials assembled + card frame for wepaon done.
14th July - weapon glue/fabric strengthened.

28th July - DEADLINE - Weapon painted and costume complete.
30th July - CONVENTION