Cloud Strife (ShinRa Infantry uniform) - Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core


London MCM Expo October 2010

3rd place in the cosplay competition at Japan Matsuri festival... out of about seven people entering the competition. >>;;




First cosplay I've put together myself and actually been happy with. =3

Wig - Bought prestyled (I can't remember where from. DX)
Scarf - Charity shop find.
Shirt - Charity shop find.
Trousers - Army surplus store.
Boots - Random walking boots I've had for ages.
Gloves - Charity shop find. (Though I managed to lose my original pair. The replacements I ended up wearing kinda suck.)
Armour (kneepads) - Plumbing kneepads from hardware store, repainted.
Armour (pauldrons) - Made from fibreglass, sanded and painted.
Ankle straps - I don't even know what these things are, but I got them in an army surplus store and repainted to the appropriate colours. ^^;;
Belt - Three separate belts cut down and stuck together.
Harnessy thing - Rucksack straps, bleached and recoloured with great difficulty, then added rivet detailing (drawing pins. XD)
Thigh holster - Belt cut down to a smaller size.
Baton - Made from an old broom handle and painted with wood varnish.


Nomes posted on 4 May, 2011 - 19:47
Really good cosplay. I think I saw you around at a couple of events last year. Do you want me to remove the can from the photo for you?