Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko

Variant: Fly Away

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2015

4th February 2018: Test run at Kitacon 2015 I didn't finish the leg accessories due to time, but here's a first look at the costume!

Photo by PhotoGoku

4th February 2018: Costume 80% Just the accessories to go!

4th February 2018: Hearts Hearts were airbrushed on the inside

4th February 2018: Top draft Drafting how the collar should sit.

4th February 2018: Skirt 100% I didn't like what I made back in 2011 so in 2015 I remade everything, out of cotton haha! This was a pleated circle skirt.

21st December 2011: Wig test 1 Wheeee my new wig arrived (my Noel wig is the wrong shade ;A; ) and it is loooovely. Although the eBay seller lied, said it should be 100cm and this is not 100cm because I own several 100cm wigs D: But nevertheless it is gorgeous quality and I luffles it~

Briefly styled it, it's bloody difficult without hairspray so I gave up and I'm going to be patient and wait til I get back to Uni where my hairspray is. But I couldn't help but give it a trim and attack the ends with a bit of styling glue.

Finally, a shade of blonde that suits my skin tone! ... I hope! 8'D
Derpy photo is very derpy because I had to button mash the mouse for it to take a photo, the left click button on the mouse has been dodgy for months now! That and because I was button mashing like mad the flicky bits kept getting in my eye and I was frowning to try and get it to stay. It will stay once I attack it with hairspray XD; (And finish trimming it!)

28th January 2011: Shoes 100% done! I forgot I hadn't actually posted a picture on here yet.

I basically cut out 8 wings out of Primark sheets (same as the skirt waistband - was cut up from Listen!!Mugi's skirt!) and sewed each pair together. Then I stuffed it with toy stuffing (which came from my Miki (Shugo Chara) hat, ahaha recycling ftw!).

I then hand sewed them onto the shoes. You can see the shoe ribbons too! I couldn't get the perfect matching fabric for the shoes but they do match the gold accessories perfectly!

Time Taken: I don't even know, was watching TV at the same time again, so 1-2hrs??

22nd January 2011: Skirt done! Pleated skirt which was trimmed to just go over the petticoat. I used Primark bed sheeting for the waistband because I used it for my Listen!!Mugi (K-On!!) skirt but I accidentally made it too short... So I'm using the fabric for this costume instead XD. It's a very wide waistband because of the draped fabric that goes across the skirt.

The draped fabric is also cotton jersey and is basically a big stretch of fabric that's exactly the same length as the skirt, then I gathered it at the sides to be the same width as the waistband.

May I just add that I haaate working with stretchy fabric D; It looks nice, just a pain to work with!

I made the gloves too, will explain how I made them once I take a picture.

Time Taken: 2hrs approx?? I'm really slow with this costume cause I work on it whenever I'm watching TV in the background XD

18th January 2011: Petticoat Petticoat done! Two layers. Was going to add three (I even prepared a third layer) but it was just too poofy! I made the bottom layer longer than the bottom in hope to add lace or ruffles to it, I maaay change my mind and sew the ruffles/lace directly to the skirt itself though, not sure yet.

Each tier is three times longer then gathered in to make it smaller, same as the black petti I made ages ago.

I've started the pleated skirt as well but no pictures yet because it's very very rough at the moment and needs tidying up, not to mention a waistband needed to be made!
Was very hard to make due to it being stretchy material! I hate stretchy material now D;

Time Taken: 2hrs

16th January 2011: Gold accessories done Did a bit of cutting out whenever it was the advert reel during Got to Dance then sewed it all up when the show was over!

That's bracelets, arm... thingies... and choker done!

For the bracelets I sewed it on the inside first then sewed it again for a more defined look. I sort of did the same for the choker as well. For the arm thingies whatever they're called I just left it as they were because I think the look works well.

Since the last progress shot I also sewed part of the gold bits onto the white top more so that it would drape better. It's not a very noticeable difference when actually on me but it does help with the detailing later on with the ruffles and stuff.

I'm tired, my brain goes to mush and so does all my technical terms XD
Just washed my hair as well so I decided to just take a photo on webcam!

Time Taken: 1hr

16th January 2011: Top 70% Test to see how it all looks so far! It's kinda safety pinned together because I still have no zip, but it looks alright so far!

I used gold crepe back satin for the halterneck. It's a bit big though, but I'll see how it fits when I have the zip. Otherwise I'll cut it in half and shorten it.

I maaaay replace it by using the matte side of the crepe back satin, I'm not too sure yet. I'll see how it looks without flash! (It's such a pain in the neck to double layer so I'm tempted to leave it for now! But I'm very anti-shine, so let's see which side of me cracks first 8D; )

Will be using strapless bra btw! And yeah, I turn a bit flabby during exam season cause I eat when I revise OTL OTL OTL. It will be gone by Kita fo 'sure! :'D

I'm quite happy with the fit at the moment though! I'm glad I went with stretch with non-stretch fabric :'D

Time Taken: 30mins? I don't even know anymore, I get easily distracted when sewing...

15th January 2011: Top 50% This looks better when I'm actually wearing it btw xD

Made out of cotton jersey with a cotton band around the bottom. I did this because I didn't want seams everywhere to make it fitted but I absolutely hate stretched bands so I combined stretch with non-stretch fabric for a neat finish, of course, this does mean that I do need to use a zip afterall, awh snap! Which I haven't bought yet, so will attach it when I next go in town sometime next week.

The costume's a bit messy because I kept changing my mind on how I should make the top! At first I was going to leave the cotton band separated and then use poppers/velcro. But then in the end I just cut the whole thing in half and am going to put a zip in it, it's just easier XD (But sucks because zips are expensive due to the monopoly! -curses-)

I was going to make the skirt first... But I can't make that until I've made the petti I still have a small hatred for tulle so am going to prolong that for as long as possible OTL XD

Time Taken: 1hr

22nd December 2010: Shoes Charlie and I bought matching shoes from New Look, they just so happen to have a 7 and 8 in the colours we needed! They're not 100% accurate, but they're cool anyway.

PinkCharlieBear avatar

PinkCharlieBear - 6th December 2010

You slag ;o

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 6th December 2010
You brave girl, yoooou X3

Cannot wait to see this, P&S is hilarious and awesome :D

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 29th January 2011
This is looking so awesome ^^
Cant wait to see it finished!

Adamoluna avatar

Adamoluna - 27th April 2011
I like that you gave the wings on the shoes a 3D shape, very cute. ^^

Angel_of_Algebra avatar

Angel_of_Algebra - 22nd December 2011
I love watching your costume progress, you post so many steps, it's great to see it come together. I'm a massive Panty fan, are you trying this for Kita'12 now? It'd be great to see it then! :D

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 23rd December 2011
Aww thank you!!
As for wearing this to Kita'12, I really don't know! My original Stocking partner has quit cosplay now and I'm not confident enough to wear this kind of outfit on my own without a Stocking! Although I have a friend who wants to do Stocking but in a different variant so I might still be Panty for Kita, just not Fly Away version just yet :3