Alucard - Hellsing


Midlands MCM Expo February 2007

2nd Place in the Masquerade - Adults Section




This costume was my first 'real' costume as it was the first thing I have sewn properly. At all.
I was first introduced to Hellsing by whom told me about Hellsing after I bought her a Hellsing t-shirt at a small convention and told me she was working on a Seras Victoria Blood version. I got interested and looked into Hellsing more, after watching only one episode of Hellsing I decided to crossplay as Alucard.
:D And thats how my Hellsing fandom began.
I was extremely proud of my Alucard after it was done, especially for someone so inexperienced as I. It took a long time, but was worth it.
The costume consisted of:
One ridiculously large brimmed hat - Made by me! I HATE THIS HAT. Its horrible. But initially, it was made with an old sunhat as the base which i maniplulated with heat into shape, and the brim was extended using craft foam and a cover was made - it is even LINED with SATIN. :D For a newbie, i was so proud.
A shirt - >.> An old school shirt...I recycle. ^_^
A red crevat - simply made from a wide red ribbon tied into a bow....
A charcoal grey/black double breasted MAN'S jacket with gold buttons - I cant emphasise enough that the jacket used on Alucards MUST BE DOUBLE BREASTED. X.x This was made by me also... I made this first, and except for minor flaws, being my first piece of clothing It came out REALLY WELL. I even lined it, and added an inside pocket.
Black trousers - eheh.. more school uniform :D
Black pirate style boots - an eBay find! these cost about £27 but are wonderful boots that I wear even in everyday use.
white gloves with Hellsing sigil - Gloves were purchased from eBay, and the sigil was merely an iron on transfer (but, no one notices, my transfer was actually BACK TO FRONT xD yay for tiredess mistakes)
Glasses - The ones in the pictures are actually 100 year old WELDING GLASSES from America. Unfortunatly turned out to be green and I couldnt do anything about it. I now have updated and extremely accurate glasses that will be used in a future remake of this costume.
and of course, the two guns. The Casull and The Jackal. These were my first ever props made for cosplay - made from polystyrene!
They were both rush jobs unfortunatly, especially the casull and the Jackal still remains my favourite due to the inscription work I did FREEHAND on the side XD

This costume was worn about three times, to various conventions, and there are plans in the future for a full re-make.


CrystalNeko posted on 16 December, 2007 - 19:17
I loved your Alucard costume! =D Hellsing is such an awesome anime! X3 I can't believe this was your first costume as well! O_O