Luke Triton - Professor Layton




Costume Used in:
- London MCM Expo - [Saturday] October 2010
- London MCM Expo - [Sunday] May 2011
- London MCM Expo - [Saturday] May 2012

Put together using items found on the web and in shops.
The total cost of the costume was about *£44 [give or take 10p].

The Hat & Button were from eBay.
The Jumper was from Primark.
The Shirt (pack of 2) was from Tesco.
The Shorts were from H&M.
The Socks (pack of 5) from a discount store.
The shoes, I already owned and were from a discount shoe store.

*(This does not include cost of shipping or cost of the shoes, which i already owned and used on a regular basis, ie, at work)

> Why did I choose to make it?
> I first decided to go to London MCM Expo at around June 2010, after other people recommended it. I was gonna go as myself, but shortly decided I would cosplay Phoenix Wright. I soon discovered that getting a Royal Blue suit was murder, so I ditched it, and decided on Professor Layton. You would think that it would be easy to get a plain orange T-shirt. For me, at least, this proved false. I now have the cosplay, and hope to play it either in May 2011 or October 2011 at London MCM Expo. It was after failing to get the Professor items that i would instead play his Apprentice. I noted the items that I would need, and realised I already owned the perfect sweater, that I bought from Primark a year earlier and never worn.

> What was the hardest part?
> I would say that although I found the shorts the second I entered the shop, it was a lot by chance. I saw these green shorts, that were the exact match. There were only 2 pairs left, both the same size, and for some uber-lucky reason that I can't explain, they happened to be my size. I know I got really lucky on that day though, I'm just thankful for it. The shorts were the single most expensive item on my cosplay costing exactly £20

> What was the easiest part?
> The sweater. Looking at my list of items, and ten minutes later realising I already owned it.

> What did you learn from this?
> cosplay stuff you already own? NO! You should never do this!
Seriously, though, if you want to be a successful cosplayer, you need to put the work in. If you can't sew, you can buy the cosplay as it is, or if you want to make it your own, buy each of the items individually. It will be more unique, and you will feel like you have made it yours. Some things will be harder to find than others. Don't skimp out and buy an alternative item. You want to look as much like your character as possible. So either search for the item harder, or do a different cosplay. You could always keep an eye out for it and come back to the costume for a later convention.

> What was it like when you wore it?
> When I first wore it from my house to the train station, I was honestly thinking, I feel like a nerd, I hope I don't run into anyone I know. I am not ashamed to Cosplay, but the people I know from my hometown, just wouldn't understand. When I got into London and met other cosplayers, I became a lot more confident, and actually interacted with a lot of people. The costume, though, when I first put it on, the first thought that hit me was "F*** Yeah, I'm Layton's Apprentice!"

Final Thought; Where it allows you to enter a YouTube Video below, you just know somebody's gonna copy and paste the link to see what video it is (myself included). I love how the example video is RickRoll'd.


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