Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy VII




This was my first 'real' costume, to go with Valentine_x's Cloud Strife.

Everything is pleather. As such, I actually died in the summer heat.

The cloak was a throw I found in the cupboard, after spending literally weeks trying to find a suitable fabric >_>; And it was made in the hotel room the night before.

Claw is a mix of papier mache and craft foam. For the boots I just stuck craft foam to a pair of chelsea boots...

For a first costume, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, though the one thing I HATE is that I didn't bind... So I look fat in most of the pics...

I gave it to Valentine_x when I moved to uni, and I think she has since harvested it for her Jack Atlas costume... Which is fine, because it was one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever worn in my life.

There are also like, no photos of this. Well, none which I actually look good in anyway >_>;;


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