Gin Ichimaru (Hueco Mundo) - Bleach




This is ONE of my favourite characters from bleach. Others include, Kisuke Urahara, Ukitake Jushiro, Shunsui Kyoraku, Rukia Kuchiki... man I could go on!


Kichkat posted on 3 January, 2011 - 22:26
ahhhhh Gin is sooo coool, nice wig btw, hope to see ya at the expo!

Alynia posted on 4 January, 2011 - 00:11
Thank you! And he's brilliant! Hope to see you there too! :D

kizuza posted on 17 March, 2011 - 14:37
Can't wait to see this :)

Progress Journal

16th March 2011

Ive finsihed!

My god... I didn't think the quality of the material upon arrival would be so good... its comfy and roomie.. perfect for Mays condition... contemplating whether to buy the boots or not.. or just buy a cheappair and the silver onto it.. will see how it goes money wise! :D