Altair ibn La-Ahad
Assassins Creed

Cosplayer: naurarwen

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

22nd May 2011: Altair update Altair is currently on hold in the mock up stages whilst I try and get another costume (Tonks) finished for the beginning of July, I also have a few bits of weapons that are needed for my Jace Wayland cosplay so till I get those finished Altair is pretty much on hold along with most of my other costumes.

17th April 2011: Mock up progress I know what still needs changing with this and seems as its only a mock up I think its going quick well. I need to make the shoulders alittle thinner as at the moment they over hang far too much. I have shaped one of the side of the tabard as it looked like I was wearing a bin bag. Also need to bring the side splits alittle higher. They are meant to come to just above his knee and at the moment they are just below my knee. One I got the main shape of this sorted I plan on adding the second skirt to it.

Still need to make a mock up of the under tabard too. Also still need fabric for the red under belt as well as fabric for that gauntlets, belt etc. Weapons are currently the last thing for me to make as want to get the main part of it done first.

16th April 2011: Mock up tabard I've finally started the mock up tabard, at the moment need to cut the sides out, add the extra skirt pieces and then hem everything. You can definitely tell this one is a mock up due to the masses of pen. I've used a tshirt to get the basic shape at the top. Obviously it needs some tweeking. Will get some better pics later on my camera as the one in my gallery is on my iphone and the lighting is cack.

8th April 2011: Hidden blade update Well after seeing a tutorial online for the hidden blade I decided to go along with it and try out this guys version of the hidden blade. Its actually a tai chi training sword and collapsable which is perfect for the hidden blade. I plan on using the three end parts and adding some sort of rings to the bottom so it can be attached to the gauntlet. Once I know how I'm attaching it I may have to shorten the end blade slightly as at the moment looking at it I think its going to be way too long.

25th March 2011: Prototype blade So I got bored and decided to see if I could make a prototype hidden blade from cardboard. Using a Lucky Charms box, scissors, craft knife, elastic bands and sellotape I put this together. Its definitely given me some ideas for the final one. This one is definitely too big as I can't bend my elbow or wrist when I have it on which defeats the purpose. So gonna try and make another one at some point but a little bit smaller. Obviously the final one probably wont be made out of cardboard but its given me some good ideas so now its time to expand. Quite impressed as this prototype only took me 15 mins lol.

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 23rd December 2010
Ooooo! Looking forward to seeing this. Going to be so epic.

PapercutPerfect avatar

PapercutPerfect - 16th April 2011
This is looking awesome so far! I will be going to Manchester Expo, but sadly probably not as Leonardo... though it is very tempting just to get pics with your and your Desmond! If only it was more than one day!
Can't wait to see more progress!

naurarwen avatar

naurarwen - 16th April 2011
Yeah I wish it was more than one day too. Think their only doing it as a test run I guess to see how it goes. About to upload a picture of my mock up actually. Only started it tonight so not alot done so far.

Wyrdsister avatar

Wyrdsister - 17th April 2011
I Like the boots!, I think they'll work even without a cover. I look forward to seeing this in the flesh :)

naurarwen avatar

naurarwen - 17th April 2011
Thanks Steph got some pics to add actually as I did the start of the mock up for the tabard. Not finished yet but not looking too bad. Got bored too and decided to add some bits to it to make it look more like Altair was amusing

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 17th April 2011
This looks so promising! So looking foward to it!

This Little Nephilim avatar

This Little Nephilim - 3rd July 2011
can't wait to see this since i'm doing Desmond

naurarwen avatar

naurarwen - 3rd July 2011
Thanks I saw you were doing Desmond. I believe my boyfriend is also going to do Desmond. We already have the eagle tshirt just need to sort the jacket and bag. We we're gonna leave out the hidden blade for him for now as only have the materials for one.