Tsukikage no Knight (Moonlight Knight) - Sailor Moon R


I was sat wondering whether I could dress to theme for the Grand International Cosplay Ball 2010 whilst watching Sailor Moon R, indeed wondering whether there were any Arabian-themed anime/characters, when suddenly this guy appears on screen! Taking it as a sign, I start to plan the cosplay (although procrastination leaves little more than a week in which to actually make it).

As it progressed, I was worried that it would end up being a glorified pair of pyjamas and wouldn't be formal enough for a ball; if that was the case, people were polite enough not to not call me out on it! (The cape, however, did get me thrown out of two pubs)

Trouser pattern was from John Marshall's "Make Your Own Japanese Clothes", which continues to serve me well. Top was a rough copy of a T-shirt I had to hand with lengthened arms (which ended up a little too short) and added polo neck. Cape was just a rectangle, as was the mask (tied at the back). When I investigated the headpiece I found that an Arab-style keffiyeh would not do the job - being triangular in shape (folded from a square) it would create "tails" whereas TK's is roughly even all the way around the bottom. Some experimentation revealed that a semicircle gave roughly the right shape. It also needed some padding inside to keep it the right shape. The shoe covers were entirely improvised, and weren't ultimately properly finished due to lack of time.

Aside from lack of peripheral vision, the costume was surprisingly comfortable to wear - I wore the base of a suit underneath just in case I needed to get formal, which combined with the face mask made it relatively comfortable in the bitter cold weather that we had. This was my first corsetted cosplay, which was an experience and did create some discomfort in my back which will hopefully diminish with experience.

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