France (corsair/pirate (original)) - Axis Powers Hetalia




In conjunction with a pirate!England- England has a somewhat canon pirate outfit in the manga, but France doesn't exactly, so I tried to go with an original design.

Trousers: red mock-corduroy, sewn from a size 18 jumper (I kid you not). Bought stockings, blue heels, red ribbons- one for tying hair back- a baggy pirate(?) shirt, red waistcoat made by cutting the arms off a jacket, coat, plastic rapier, and fancy dress tricon. Borrowed the cravat. I regret not paying for higher-quality goods now, and I'm planning on remaking it.

My way of customising the coat to be more pirate-ish was essentially to put miles of lace on everything. SO EXPENSIVE but it did feel very flash. Accidentally cut the coat too short so-- yes, definitely needs remaking.

We're on the CosplayFever site! But I think our photographers were better at posing us than that guy ;D

Also, heels? So much pain.


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