South Italy / Romano (Summer military uniforn) - Axis Powers Hetalia




Realisation that tsundere and crazy and loud characters seem to be my thing. Hm.

Made in conjunction with Shacho's Spain so we could be Spain&Romano together at expo! /o/ I was stupidly giddy still from Hetalia and from having my new sewing machine so I made quite a lot of it myself, just... not very well. >__>; The top and trousers are sewn, except that I didn't read the pattern for the trousers in enough detail, so when I ran around at a meet a couple of weeks before the event, they ripped. OTL OTL OTL

The tie is bought, again, the boots are from Tesco (+polycotton boot-top-covers)- the wig is from Periwig, very cheap and good quality, and the ahoge(haircurl) is a dark brown pipecleaner. It's tucked underneath the front of the wig and you can feel it if someone tugs on it, which was happening all day. ;_____;

It was- cold to wear, because aside from the outfit I was only wearing one layer underneath (t-shirt- still didn't own a binder) s- so it did get cold later in the evening. It's MOOOSTLY in one piece and I wouldn't mind wearing it again :D And since Spain's acquired green contacts since expo, it would be a shame not to do more photos together! ? /o/


Miku Hatsune posted on 21 February, 2011 - 14:59
You are master of cosplay