Hidan (Genderswap) - Naruto




Technically the first version of this outfit in May '08 was meant to be male Hidan, where I just bandaged up my regions, but there are no photographs from that I wish upon anybody. :B

Redid the outfit to be fem!Hidan for May '09. However, a majority of it was made the previous year, during GCSEs...

Bought the trousers and top; used my own hair both times (with white wash-out hairspray); bought the Akatsuki cosplay sandals and shoe-covers online. I made the ring from a plain one (+clay, paint and varnish). The scythe is completely from scratch; a pinewood pole, 3 metres of blue rope, some MDF, rolls of paper, paintrollers, loooots of red spray paint, white paint and Polyfiller. IT TOOK FOREVER. And it's very heavy. But I love it. <3