Kagura - Gintama




My third cosplay ever a couple of years ago. I liked to cosplay slightly mad girls and martial-arty and shounen things, and I fell in love with Gintama not long before this expo! There were vague plans for a Gintama meet on the forums, too, and through several coincidences I met people at the event who I'd become friends with nearly a year later o:

Bought the trousers, top, shoes, wig and parasol. The wig was my first one, ordered via Katie Bair from Amphigory- so it's sort-of good quality, but it was expensive. I also didn't know how to tackle my eyebrows, colour-wise. I purchased a parasol in Chinatown and spray-painted it purple; the hair accessories are made of paper maché and covered with polycotton; the top had the yellow detail and collar added to it. All sewn on by hand, of course, because I didn't have a sewing machine then. :/

Re-wore this at London MCM Expo October 2009, but with interfacing inside the collar.