Kakashi Hatake - Naruto




plan to have it complete for the Leeds Cosplay group xmas meet up on 18th December 2010

was gonna be a 'secret cosplay' but I'm hopeless at keeping secrets XD

the outfit went well at the meet, so I'll wear it for May expo 2011


TheEmoEmu posted on 13 December, 2010 - 22:17
Looking good, but my god you fail at secrets xD

Noa posted on 18 December, 2010 - 22:04
omg i looove the booook! youve done such a good job! i await full photos! 8D

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Progress Journal

17th December 2010

its tomorrow

the more I look at the jacket, the more I want to do more work on it. It has improved pocket studs now, padding round the bottom and rivet studs on the shoulder padding.

I know the more work I do on it, the crapper it'll look, so maybe I should stop now

The book cover is almost complete. may cover it in plastic so it doesn't get wet in the planned snow tomorrow

Not wearing ninja shoes. Will wear New Rocks instead. Don't care that its not in character, I plan on staying upright in the ice/snow

13th December 2010

can't keep a secret

the secret lasted a week. but then when I started taking photos of my progress I had to post them up. and therefore, its no longer a secret.

12th December 2010


The jacket is completed, which uptil now has been my main headache, I'd sit n look at it an wonder how I was gonna proceed. I didn't manage to find the clips I needed for the pockets, so I've 'made-do' with straps atm, may remake it later.

Have padded out the shoulders and collar with wadding. Next to start on, is the accessories. This is also a major task making these.

The shirt is just a bit of sewing so thats easy enough.

Need to buy some more g2bg hairspray so I can style the wig
and have realised I'll have to dig out my liquid latex for my scars

9th December 2010


gloves and headwear bought and altered. am making use of the remainer of the silver rubberised foamy fabric that i used for the armour on aquas boots, to help on this outfit. have removed the sleeves from the jacket and the extra pockets. all bits i have removed i will utilise in finishing the jacket

wig arrived, bought it from coscraft, as at this late stage, thought if i ordered it from china it wouldn't arrive in time, due to xmas and the weather conditions

28th November 2010


decided to start a secret cosplay. I was just randomly looking at things on ebay, when I thought, actually I could be that character. The outfit should be easy to make, I have bits I can reuse, and I really just need a wig. This may take the place of the Santa Grelle or Christmas Orochimaru I have planned for the ANU meet on 18th Dec 2010. We shall see