Ariel - The Little Mermaid





im very excited about making this. its not going to be for an expo, just for a very special photoshoot


SamanthaKaiba posted on 23 January, 2011 - 18:34
the group will be great ^_^ you will look fab

Lozzie posted on 19 June, 2011 - 20:20
holy wow!!!! this is one of the most gorgeous Ariel tails i have ever seen! I cant believe how much effort is going onto the scales, not a lot of people bother! Im definitely gonna keep an eye on this, cant wait to see it when its done <3

Teacup_Erinyes posted on 21 June, 2011 - 21:45
Wow, pretty. Really hope to see you at the disney group. ^_^

BabemRoze posted on 22 June, 2011 - 20:47
Looks amazing so far! I can't wait for the end result! :D and yay! twin wigs! <3

Ranma1-2 posted on 17 July, 2011 - 18:39
No way! 8o Underwater pics..that looks totally fantastic! :)

CrystalNeko posted on 17 July, 2011 - 18:43
Oh wow, these are amazing. I'm amazed you managed to get underwater pictures too!!!

DuskatNight posted on 17 July, 2011 - 18:45
Those underwater shots are amazing. Well done!

tripletriad posted on 17 July, 2011 - 18:48
That looks fun, but kinda scary! Nice one on the underwater shots!

JustPeachy posted on 17 July, 2011 - 18:58
I love the underwater shots! Beautiful cosplay!

Zelda posted on 17 July, 2011 - 19:09
You look fantastic <3

Eloraborealis posted on 17 July, 2011 - 20:14
Woah those photos are epic, this is such an awesome idea! You look amazing! :D

BabemRoze posted on 17 July, 2011 - 20:20
Absolutley amazing! I love the underwater shots! <3

Freyarule posted on 17 July, 2011 - 21:18
Oh wow this looks amazing!! The underwater shoots look beautiful and the tail is magnificent, I admire your patience!!

White Tigress posted on 4 August, 2011 - 19:44
I love the underwater shots and the sequins surely made the tail absolutely gorgeous!

SamanthaKaiba posted on 17 October, 2011 - 18:13
Everything about this is beautiful...amazing pictures

Siouxsie James posted on 19 April, 2013 - 08:20
Really nice costume and pictures :)

g123 posted on 6 September, 2013 - 21:46
Best Ariel I've seen!

Mermaid2love posted on 21 November, 2013 - 00:56
have you joined "The Little Mermaid Cosplayers" group on Facebook ? please join in the swim

Progress Journal

19th June 2011

tail progress

i made the tail from jade swimming lycra and matching see though fabric for the fins.

19th June 2011

close up on the sequins

sequins close up

19th June 2011

sewing on sequins about 1000 so far

sew on around 1000 sequins so far

19th June 2011

tail progress

so far i have spent about 20hrs sewing on around 1000 sequins and ive only done one side!!!! the sequins are these lovely blue/green iridescent, 15mm sequins.

7th June 2011

expo is over

now that expo is over i can really concantrate on getting Ariel finished. i have bought some Jade lycra and matching see though fabric, plus about 500 large seaquins!

25th February 2011


the base of the costume