Poison Ivy (Cartoon/Original version) - Batman comics


Cosplay Clubnight New Years 2011

3rd place Clubnight Costume Contest




I really love the Shadow of the Bat version of Ivy, so this costume is going to be mostly based on that. There'll be some small alterations only because that version is one of the skimpier ones and I think it'll be easier to make if it's slightly fuller, and I might not be able to get a totally accurate wig in time, though I have an alternative that's more similar to some of her other styles.
It's a good job I have a copy of the comics she's in, however, because it's hard to find images of!
(This was the initial plan. See journal for how that worked out)


Lady Wunjo posted on 15 September, 2011 - 17:57
Awesome Poison Ivy! :D

ViewtifulD posted on 22 September, 2011 - 04:29
how did I not know about this .__.

Shinigami_ky posted on 22 September, 2011 - 18:15
Miss Godzilla - Thank you :) Scott - because you weren't at New Year's club night? I love me some Ivy so I'm sure to do her again some time.

Progress Journal

5th January 2011

It grew on me XD

So, problem the first, after all the money issues had (sort of) been resolved, was that the store I was planning on getting the ivy leaves from had closed due to the bad weather.

So I guess I'll just do the cartoon version, no leaves there, it's not quite what I wanted but I still get to be ivy and it'll be fun.

Then I was at my mum's, had to buy the green tights, and I had to nip into a fabric shop - on Christmas eve - and then straight over to my gran's house to borrow her sewing machine and whip up the bodysuit, which turned out ok, if a little big in places.
I was going to whip up the gloves as well, but a slight miscalculation on the size of the wrist later and I gave up on them, figuring I'd hand-sew them between Christmas and new year.

A combination of laziness, business and lack of materials meant I never actually got round to that, and on the 30th of December I was borrowing a pair of lovely black shoes and buying me some green spray paint. Boots, maybe not, but at least I would have something on my feet that went with the costume. They actually turned out adorable, I'm just annoyed that spray paint on shoes always goes a little tacky and they're chipped now, so they're not really wearable.

A brainwave, whilst getting changed, of the 'viny' arm-and-leg-warmers later, and you have the finished costume that I actually wore to clubnight.

It was recognisably Ivy, if a little original, and I was happy with that, I had a lot of fun wearing it and really appreciated winning third place in the costume contest.
I had a great time in the end, totally worth all the running around.