Jared Leto (Live[?]) - 30 Seconds to Mars




I'm unbelievably exited to do this! 8DDD
A 30STM gig was the first proper concert I went to...and they were AMAZING. And Jared....*____*

So I got to talking with my buddies, and we're going to have a mixed band group for Oct '11! With a possible Halloween twist, we're not sure yet though.
So it'll be me, Jo, and Tiff as Jared, Lady Gaga and Hayley Williams and Nen is gonna be Bieber(for the funnies xD)and it's gonna be awwwwwwwesome!

Erright, basically gonig to be in progress until summer now xD I'll be looking around for the perfect everything, testing make-up A LOT (did so the other day...haha, it was funny xD) practice guy-swagger and habits and read up on how to crossplay effectivly. I really want to be as spot-on with this as possible, since I'm cosplaying an actual person and not...character. Too exited for this all to come together, hopefully will debute a little bit earlier now too! =3


AH. Things did not go as planned. I bought a shirt for this the day before I left Cardiff and it was TOO SMALL. DAMN. Because of that I was very uncomfortable in this cosplay and only lasted about an hour in it. Sadness...I totally lost my exitedness for it too, after the group kinda fizzeled out. I didn't even bother with man make-up =/ I want to try cosplaying Jared again though, and do it right this time. Putting it as complete because...it is. I am still practicing make-up though.


pelicanbird posted on 14 May, 2011 - 19:05
Im really excited for this again now 8DD you gunna be totes sexy

ammersXamphetamine posted on 1 June, 2011 - 14:00
I sooo can't wait to see this! :3

HitachiinTwin01 posted on 26 September, 2011 - 20:22
Cant wait to see you and the rest of your group :)

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Progress Journal

27th October 2011


DAMN YOU GOOD. I have them all made and stuff, and that took too much effort....now I can't figure out where to put them in the wig so that they'll be seen. RAGE.
Also, I don't feel too great in this cosplay...I just tried everything on and the shirt I bought is a bit too small...it fits, but not well. OHWELL. No one will know who I am anyway so it doesn't matter xP

30th September 2011

Wig ordered~ Make-up failing xD

Damn well better get here in time. It's a bit more volumous than the one I originally was going to buy, and a bit more expensive (*cries*) but it should do the trick. Hope I can buy the red extensions in town...
Also, I still fail at make-up! Whahey xP