Princess Snow (Manga) - Marchen Awakens Romance


I wanted to make this costume because as I was reading the MAR manga, Snow's my favourite character, and I looked at her design on one of the manga covers and thought that I'd like to cosplay this. :)

The easiest part of the costume was the shorts since that was just cutting down bottoms and then hemming them. The hardest part was the zips on the shoulders since they got fiddly.

My favourite part is Yuki-chan because he's so smily. :) My least favourite part is the ARM hanging from the waist since it's meant to be like lots of round balls stuck together, but it turned out like a bumpy stick.

Most of the costume was fine to wear, like the rings and the leg warmers didn't dig in until the event was over. But the leg warmers did keep un-tucking themselves out my shoes, and the bow was a total bitch and it kept slipping down and I had to keep putting it in, and it was hard to put it in right.

To make the bow I used the tutorial on YouTube by kazzieheart (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-rc5-_kxRU). I added the zip to one of the rectangles before sewing them together. I then sewed and glued on a barette to the bow.

To make Yuki-chan I made two small balls of newspaper, cellotaped them together, and then cellotaped on part of the paper clip chain. Then I put on two layers of paper mache, and after that eventually dried, I painted it white. Then after that dried, I drew on the face and finished the paper clip chain.

To make the jumper I got a red jumper that had a neck and long sleeves. Half the neck was cut off as it folded over and then I cut down as long as the zip was. I got a zip and the original plan was to sew it on with some white fabric as the trimming, but that proved difficult. Instead I got some white fabric paint, used masking paint to aid in making it straight, and painted a couple layers on both sides and around the neck. When that was done, I then sewed on the zip and did any necessary trimming. The white trim isn't entirely straight all the way, but it's my first time using fabric paint. Next time I'll get a better paintbrush as well.

To make the ARMs I first used strips of cardboard to use as the base rings and to make sure they could slip on and off my fingers. Then I added the shapes with small bits of newspaper and cellotape. Then I added a couple layers of paper mache (glue, water, and kitchen roll strips), and when that dried I painted on the colours. The ARM hanging from the belt was the same method, except the first thing I did was mould out the shape from newspaper and cellotape.

The jacket was first a pink jumper, and I cut down the middle and added the zip, keeping space at the top and bottom. Then I cut some material off the top for putting the sailor collar on. I made the sailor collar like I have previously, and attached it to the jacket with a flap. Then I used the simular method to make the cuffs. The black pattern I drew on with fabric pen. I measured the length of the zip and cut a slit around the shoulders, and then sewed the zip on and sealed up any holes left at the ends. I also hemmed the bottom a bit to make it come out like it does in the reference.

For the socks, I used a legwarmer tutorial by taeliac on DeviantART (http://taeliac.deviantart.com/art/Tutorial-Simple-Leg-Warmers-101459898). I added the pom poms before all the stitching by sewing it on since my super glue didn't work (which is rare).

To make the shoes, first I got some plain white converse shoes. I was originally going to use cardboard as the additional pieces, but it wouldn't work, so I got some sheets of craft foam. I made the shape templates out of colours I wasn't going to use and then used those to cut out the shapes on the right coloured sheets. The front red bit is made out of a sort of arrow shape, and I glued the tab bits onto the sole part of the shoes. I glued the blue pieces onto the bigger white pieces, and attached two pieces of velcro as the big piece goes over the laces once I do them up. Then I glued on the small round white pieces. The bottom of the leg warmers are tucked a bit into the shoes so they make the 'poofy' effect.

The shorts were simply cut down and hemmed from maroon-coloured pyjama bottoms. The arm that's attached to Snow's belt will be attached with a clip.

The hair dye I used was the Boots brand which lasts for up to 24 washes. My Mum applied it on my hair on the Friday and it came out great.

Harajuku-Guy posted on 3 February, 2010 - 01:47
Omg you are so awesome for doing this!!!! :D MAR is one of my faves Go YUKI-CHAN :D

Freyarule posted on 3 February, 2010 - 08:59
The bow looks so cute!!!! :3 :3 :3

Freyarule posted on 18 February, 2010 - 18:15
good job on the fabric paint :3 I know from experience how awkward it can be. Have you thought of using masking tape to help straighten the lines up a bit? you can paint onto the tape if need be and then peel it away and you get nice crisp lines :) I learnt of this too late for my team aqua cosplay when I painted the black lines onto my top xD some of the lines were done, others weren't...argh xD

nanahara posted on 23 May, 2010 - 17:51
nice one, loved the MAR manga ^^

Freyarule posted on 23 May, 2010 - 18:47
I can't wait to see this in real life! It's gonna look so awesome x3

Amy-Lou posted on 1 July, 2010 - 15:53
Lovely to see MAR cosplay! I really like the bow and socks, it's such a cute costume :)

Red Bow
Sailor-Collar Jacket
Black Hair Dye
Rings ARMs
Yuki-chan Necklace
Belt Chain ARM
Dark Red Shorts

Total cost: £0.00

23rd May 2010

Shorts Finished

Since I couldn't find any suitable maroon shorts, I found some plain maroon pyjamas and cut down the bottoms and hemmed to make them into shorts. The long ARM will be attached to the side with a clip. So now I'm generally finished on the costume as all that's left is the hair dye which will be put in the Friday before the Expo. :)

25th April 2010

Shoes Finished

So I was originally going to use cardboard, but it just wouldn't fold smoothly over the shoes. So I got craft foam sheets. I then made the different coloured pieces, first making prototype pieces out of other colours, and glue them on. The big piece that goes over the laces are attached on with velcro as I put them on after I've put the shoes on. I also tuck some of the bottom of the leg warmers into the shoes to make the 'poofy' effect.

21st April 2010

Socks Finished

So the socks I was making came out all wrong because the measurements I used was too small so I scrapped them and started again. Then I found a leg warmer tutorial by taeliac on DeviantART (http://taeliac.deviantart.com/art/Tutorial-Simple-Leg-Warmers-101459898) and now they're fantastic. Also they're not really socks. But they will be tucked into the ones I'm wearing to make more of a 'poofy' effect. Also I did intend to use pink pom poms since the only manga artwork I can find of them look kind of pink. But they're white in the anime version and I agree that it looks better than the bright pink poms poms I had.

12th April 2010

Socks Progress

I got this soft light pink material, and I measured how wide I wanted the socks around the top and the bottom, and how long I wanted it. I cut out two of them and stitched two of the sides together for each to make the tube shape. I've also gotten black hair dye and my Mum will help me put it in the day before the Expo if I'm home on the Friday. If I'm not then she's told me how to apply it.

6th April 2010

Jacket Finished

So it took ages but there are now zips on the shoulders. I cut almost all the way around them and then sewed on the zips and sewed up any holes left at the ends where I cut too much. I did a minor cock-up as the zip heads are situated at the front, when I wanted them at the back. But that doesn't matter as when I wear the jacket, both the ends of the zips are hidden under my armpits. It's all good.

30th March 2010

Jumper Update

Since I came back home with access to a Hoppycraft for more fabric paint, I decided to add a bit more to the white trim near the top where it shows so now it looks more even and neat. :)

17th March 2010

ARMs Finished

So, I made shapes out of newspaper and cellotape, then paper-mached over a couple layers and then painted. The rings are kind of bulky but they can still come on and off which is good. I'm clearly not a master at paper-mache since the long ARM lost its shape during the process. It's meant to be like several small balls attached to each other, but it's like some bumpy stick now. It still needs to be attached to the shorts, which I'll probably use sewing and/or velcro.

28th February 2010

ARMs Progress

Started on the rings by cutting out two strips of cardboard and then fitting it over the fingers by cellotaping into ring shapes. I also made sure they could slip on and off. Next is adding a bit of newspaper and paper mache-ing the shapes. I've also hemmed the bottom of the jacket, and I didn't need to cut it as the sides come out in the '^' shape like they should anyway. All there is that's left to do to the jacket is add zips to the shoulders, but the zips I have are too short, so that will have to wait until I get longer ones.

26th February 2010

More Jacket Progress

Added the cuffs to the sleeves. Generally the same method as with the collar; cut out two rectangles for each, added the design to the outside, sewed them together, turned inside out, sealed shut, then sewed it onto the cuff. I also used a mix of velcro and sewing to stick down any overlapping cuff part underneath.

18th February 2010

More Jacket Progress

Attached the collar to the jacket using the flap. I think the collar looks good, even though the grey stripes don't start at the same point and the black lines aren't even, but I'm not going to keep making it again to make it just right. Next I have to add the cuffs, add the zips to the shoulders, and hem below the zip.

9th February 2010

Jumper Finished

Ironed over and trimmed the neck which I had painted. Then I pinned down and sewed on the zip. A bit more trimming up and down and around the neck so it appears straight. The white trim isn't entirely straight and even but it's my first time using fabric paint so next time I will get a better paintbrush. I don't want to add any more paint as I don't want to risk ruining it.

8th February 2010

Yuki-chan Finished

After the paint dried, I decided it didn't need another coat. So I cleaned off any paint on the paper clips, drew on the face with permanant marker, and then finished up the paper clip chain. If it comes down too low or too high on the overall costume, I can always add or take away paper clips easily.

8th February 2010

More Jacket Progress

Finished the sailor collar. Cut out two white collar shapes, drew on the lines and sewed on the ribbon on one side, then sewed together the sides outsides-in, and then turning inside out. I had also sewed on a flap to the plain side as this will be sewn on the jacket.

8th February 2010

More Yuki-chan Progress

After a whole day of it drying, I have now painted over it and am waiting overnight for it to dry. I may paint over another coat to make it more smooth, then I will wipe any paint off the paper clips and then draw on the face and complete the chain.

8th February 2010

More Jumper Progress

After buying more fabric paint, I've painted the white trim on the other side, and then ironed over that. Then I painted the final white trim around the collar. Now I'm waiting over night for it to dry, where I will then iron and trim if necessary. Finally I will add the zip.

6th February 2010

Jacket Progress

So far I've cut down the middle and sewn on the zip. I've left space at the top for the collar and space at the bottom as it shapes out.

5th February 2010

Yuki-chan Progress

First I made two small balls of newspaper, cellotaped them together, then cellotaped that to part of a paper clip chain. Then I added two layers of paper mache so now I'm waiting overnight for it to dry.

5th February 2010

More Jumper Progress

Now I'm using fabric paint to paint on the white trim which is proving to look a lot neater, with the aid of masking tape to ensure the trim is straight. Unfortunately I only got one small pot of the paint so I'll need to get somemore.

3rd February 2010

Bow Finished

After buying several hair accessories, half of them aren't needed as I've become satisfied with one of my early methods of attaching the bow to my hair. All I needed was one barette and to position it in one place. All I have to do is prevent doing any sudden movements with it on. If the bow does shift then I can always adjust it or just take it off and on again. I've glued and sewn on the barette to the bow to make it more secure.

2nd February 2010

More Jumper Progress

Sewing on the white trim and zip is proving difficult due to the jumper's texture. So I've un-threaded the thread, removed the pins, white fabric and zip, and instead I am going to get fabric paint and paint on the white trim and then sew on the zip.

1st February 2010

Jumper Progress

First I had to cut a half of the neck off since it originally folded down. Then I positioned the zip and cut where it would go. It's OK that the zip's not long enough since it won't show and I can just tuck the bottom into the shorts. I gathered a long piece of white material and I've pinned it round with the zip so it folds round underneath. Next I have to sew it in place and remove the pins. The photo made the red brighter than it actually is.

31st January 2010

More Bow Progress

Now the bow looks bow shaped. I added elastic bands to form the shape in the middle and then added the red band to cover them. Now I have to get a way to attach the bow to my hair. I'll need to get some clips from Boots. Again, in the photo makes the red look brighter and the zip look blue.

31st January 2010

Bow Progress

I've finally started work on this costume! At the moment the bow is a small cushion that can be un-zipped for the stuffing to be taken out for whatever reason. The tutorial I'm using is this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-rc5-_kxRU) by kazzieheart. The only difference I used is putting a zip into one of the sides before putting them together. The photo makes the red look brighter and the grey zip look blue.

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