Kyo Takamimori + Guchuko (Summer Uniform) - Potemayo


I wanted to make this costume because Kyo is my favourite character from 'Potemayo', and this time it gave me an excuse to make a Guchuko plush. :D The easiest parts were pieces just bought and they were done. The hardest part was making the Guchuko plush. From this I've learnt how to improve on the next pleated skirt I do as I did too few pleats in this one. I liked wearing this as it was generally comfy and only my feet hurt but that's because I was walking all day. I did not like the windy weather though. :/

For the shirt I made a sailor collar and attached it to a plain white shirt using the tutorial by elpheal on YouTube, then I made a square of white material, added the blue ribbon and attached it to the shirt at the front using stitching on one side and poppers on the other. For the sleeve cuffs I used a simular method as used for the collar but stitch straight onto the shirt and velcro-ed around the back where the ends met. For the shape at the bottom I cut where I wanted to fold it and hemmed it by stitching by hand.

For the skirt I also used the tutorial videos on YouTube by elpheal.

For the tie I made 2 fish-shape pieces from white material, sewed them together and turned inside-out, sealed it up, added the small blue ribbon and then measured and added white ribbon for it to hang round my neck under the collar.

The hair-slide I bought from Boots but I think I'll need to use some hair gel to keep hair in place and stick it up.

The socks I bought from eBay. They were labelled as 'knee-high' which I don't want for this character but they're actually perfect as they only go knee-high if they're fully stretched.

I intended to use the same ones from Sunao but I found much more better looking and snug-fitting shoes at Shoe World.

Guchuko Plush tutorial here

For the sweet bag I just got a long piece of pink material, sewed two of the sides together, hemmed the top and finally tied a ribbon around to the top to make a bag.

infinitydragon posted on 20 October, 2009 - 23:38
Your plush Guchuko is adorable.

Darkiekun posted on 4 January, 2010 - 16:52
Kawaii! Awsome its a shame not alot of people cosplay from this T_T

Sweet Bag
Black Hair Slide
Sailor-Collar Shirt
Blue Skirt
White Socks
Brown Shoes
Guchuko Plush

Total cost: £0.00

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