Pikachu - Pokemon

In Progress


My obsession for my beloved Pikachu~ (As yuuu see my name XD)

I first had this idea when I decided to make cat ears~ but I had no fur =(
So Yeah^___^ My Pikachu outfit began XD

It consists of
-a Pikachu hat
-yellow jumpsuit
-striped socks and gloves(yello/black)
-havent decided on shoes yet ~W~

Daaadaaa my plan xx

Ganbatte ~

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Make jumpsuit
Gloves and Socks
Put on eyes etc on Hat
Felt material
Yellow T-shirt

Total cost: £0.00

24th November 2010

My Love for Pikachu XD

My first dedicated costume...(had many others but gave up).... Well the hat is finished as yuu see ^___^ still need eyes etc though but its nearly done heehee~ M next Goal is to either make jumpsuit or gloves or socks XD FUN^^

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