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I wanted to do this costume because after watching the series Potemayo, I thought that I would really love a Potemayo plush, and so I thought that I could cosplay Sunao aswell. Plus, then my glasses would actually be part of the costume. :D

It was really comfy to wear but the most uncomfortable thing was the shoes but that was mainly because I was on my feet all day. Plus my hair kept poking out the back of the wig. D:

To improve this I would perhaps get more comfy-er shoes and remake the sailor collar which I know what to improve on for my next Kyo costume. :)

The shoes and socks were just bought, and the glasses I wear anyway, but the rest were made:-


For the parts I stuffed (head, body, ears, chick, arms, feet, tail) I sewed two of the same shape together, turned it inside out to hide the stitching (using tweezers for parts like the ends of the ears), stuffed it with cotten wool, and then stitched it to the head or body.

To connect the head and body together, I sewed up the gap I used to put the stuffng in, and then used a curved needle to stitch the head to the body with the chin on the front of the body, and I stitched the front and back seperatly to keep it up. This is a bit hard to explain in words. :S

For the hair sides and cowlick I stitched the two shapes over a piece of cardboard so it would stay sticked up instead of flopping down. The yellow parts of the hair I stuck on with double-sided cello-tape(sp?).

For the dress I used some blue fabric and just measured and fitted round the body, cutting out slits for the arms to poke through, and stuck together at the back using velco. The bow's made out of two pieces of fabric with the pieces sewed together and then sewn using a curved needle onto the tail and body. Almost fucked it up at that last part. D:

For the face and hair fringe, they were cut to fit on the head and stuck on using glue (I used UHU All-purpose Adhesive), and I drew on the eyes by testing a permanent marker on a seperate bit of fabric first, and then going over pencil to make sure it came out accurately.


Luckily I already had a white shirt I could use. First I made the sailor collar using a tutorial that was at CosmicGeminiCosplay.com for measurements and another one at Lynleigh.com for how to sew on the ribbons. I then sewed it onto the back of the shirt collar and used popper to secure down the front bits. Then I sewed on a small stripe for the blue stripe on the front. For making the cuffs I used the same method of making the collar and sewed them onto the sleeves after cutting some of it of so it wouldn't go over my elbow. I then added velcro strips to secure the two ends of the cuffs together.


First I measured how long I would want the sides and that, then I cut out two 'fish' shapes based on the measurements. Then I sewed the sides together and left a gap at the 'tail' to turn it inside out. While wearing the shirt I cut a hole at the back of each of the 'tail fins' and tied one end of a rope through it and pulled it round underneath the collar, cut the rope when it came round and poked it through the other 'fin' and tied it. So now the tie dangles underneath the collar. Then I sewed up the 'tail' and sewed on the small blue ribbon.


This was simple really. These were trousers which I wore and marked on the inside how long I wanted them. Then I just cut off the excess and hemmed.


This was originally a bob wig which went down to the shoulders. I had to trim the fringe so I could see through it and that I had enough to make a few bangs at the front. I formed them using cheap hairspray and a hair-dryer as the tutorial on CosplayIsland shows, and then cut off any excess. Then I started cutting a lot of hair off the wig to make it a normal boy's length. I had to put it on and take it off a few times to see if there were any parts that looked too long and needed cutting.

Darkiekun posted on 3 August, 2009 - 01:08
Can ish have your potemayo T_T

Potemayo plush
Brown Shoes
Black Socks
Blue Shorts
Sailor-Collar Shirt
Blue wig

Total cost: £0.00

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