Rhoda Teneiro - Ace Attorney Investigations


Ayacon 2011




Secretly I like Cammy more but I don't have the boobs to pull her off, hence doing Rhoda instead XD I do have a soft spot for Rhoda though, her heart's in the right place really, and she's a bit long-suffering having to put up with Cammy all the time!

I've finished the outfit, was trying to finish it for Auchinawa but didn't manage it, and then at Minami 17 I was too ill to where it. I had an annoying incident where something fitted and was pinned in place perfectly one night, then sewn the next morning only to find the neckline that fitted snugly was now GAPING! I don't even know how that happened, so I had to add two yoke seams that aren't in the reference art, which was a bit annoying. But hey, it looks okay.

I'm quite proud of the wig - I got three cardboard gift boxes and glued wig hair that I trimmed from the underlayer of the wig (Eruruu's) onto it. Bits of hair were sticking out but I doused the whole thing in watered down Evostik glue and that sorted out most of it. I couldn't figure out how to actually attach it without ruining the wig, but Angela suggested I stub it and attach it, so I guess I must be resigned to not using it for anything else!


gaming_goddess posted on 31 August, 2011 - 11:02
I saw this at aya and loved it so much! Really good job you look very cute!