Full Moon (Eternal Snow) - Full Moon wo Sagashite


FushiCon 2011


This is definately my favourite song from the anime. Its so moving and sad~
The costume she wears when performing this song is so cute! I admittedly prefer the 'Myself' outfit, but I think this one is more 'me' as it were.

The poncho is white fleece with a white fur trim. So far it is really snuggly 8D
The skirt is some random half price blue fabric I found c: It's a little longer than in the anime, so I may use a small petti to poof it up a bit.

Will be using and styling my own hair as I refuse to buy a waist length blonde wig. If I have the confidence, I may enter the Omake and sing Eternal Snow... I seriously doubt it though!

Darkiekun posted on 14 December, 2010 - 23:59
Oh wow Full Moon! Would love to have a photo with you one day ^^

Anonymous posted on 26 July, 2011 - 22:34
pretty ^^

gaming_goddess posted on 19 September, 2011 - 13:06
I love full moon so much! Can't wait go see this at fushi! Going go be so cute!

28th August 2011


Finished the skirt while being off work ill. It turned out to be a bit longer than expected, but I don't mind.

26th December 2010

More progress!

Made the necklace and one bracelet (the other broke :C majorly bummed). Also made the arm warmers and started the skirt: just need to put in the waistband and hem it c: woo Hopefully will be finished before the snow melts c:

23rd December 2010


I now have everything I need for this, and have started making the arm warmers and skirt. Bought a pair of pale leggings which I will either keep as leggings or cut up into legwarmers-type things. It depends I guess~ EDIT Poncho is complete, with fur trim an everything

9th December 2010


I found a load of spare white fleece to make the poncho, so I may start doing that soon. Bought some blue cotton for the skirt. It was half price so I decided to snap it up! Will buy pale blue tights (I hate wearing overknee socks, they irritate me XD)and a pale blue top to wear under the poncho soon Taking some liberty with the boots: I'm just going to use my Trucy boots and tie blue ribbon around the tops. I love how I'm buying stuff for this when I have so many other things to work on.....ah well~

1st December 2010


I bought a load of beads (nearly 100) and stuff to make the jewelry she makes and wears. Realised that my pliers are back home so I cant start making til christmas XD boo!

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