Tomoe Hotaru (Messiah of Silence) - Sailor Moon S




I adore Tomoe Hotaru in any form so I wanted to wear a version of her rarely ever seen. Messiah of Silence. In Sailor Moon S, Hotaru is in the basement laboratory surrounded by stuffed animals. Pharoah 90 is trying to break free and gives Tomoe and Kaolinite instruction to bring a pure heart crystal. Once the Messiah of Silence devours a pure heart crystal she is able to transform into Mistress 9.

The bodice of this dress has very structured cotton and steel boning to hold it up. Since the top is only organza there is no support for the dress. The boots are form fitting and have an invisible 6 inch seam. I adore my heart crystal that changes color and Teddy Bear "bag" that I made to hold a wallet and cell phone.


Chii-ren posted on 7 June, 2008 - 18:10
I love this outfit! There's not enough sailor love in the world ^-^ Are you coming to amecon? if so you should check out the sailor scout thread on the forum.

Mousie posted on 7 June, 2008 - 18:17
I won't be back in England until October Expo with two new Senshi cosplays. Messiah will only be worn for 2 more conventions.