Absol (Quadsuit) - Pokemon


London MCM Expo May 2011

London MCM Expo may 2011 sunday masquerade: Best Junior Entry




Finally finished!

Honestly if you want to know how any part of it was made just shoot me a message and I'll tell you. I just didn't want to spend a long time writing it here if no-one was interested.


Newdles posted on 28 April, 2011 - 15:18
Absol is my fave pokemon. Hope this comes together for you. Looking forward to the pics.

Dajaku posted on 30 May, 2011 - 18:17
Undeniably one of the BEST costumes I've ever seen

CrystalNeko posted on 18 June, 2011 - 23:33
This is amazing! You look brilliant! A prize well deserved! :)

cowiee posted on 19 June, 2011 - 00:01