Haruka (Demon ) - tactics

In Progress




Epppp *w*
What can i say ... this anime is sooo ordorable <3

I remmber watching about it and spazzing all the way throught, i recently re-watched it and thoguht i should cosplay it~
And so i am... as to when im not sure >_<"
I am hopeing for May expo however with exams and other things going on it may not be possibe~

I chose to do his deamon version as thats not done a lot and also i think it look amazing with the outfit, wings, contacts and nails as well as the staff.
If it comes together nicely then it could come out amazing~
Or so im hopeing lol xD

I have started on the basic of the outfit but still a lot to do, its just finding time.
Maybe during christmass i will find time.. i hope at least >_<"

But yer i cant wait for this cosplay to be done <3

I am also makeing Ichinomiya outfit :3


Fliss posted on 25 January, 2011 - 20:16
This will be interesting to see :}