Chikane Himemiya (Lunar Priestess ) - Kannazuki no Miko




I have wanted to do this outfit from so very long and it felt so good whne i had my fitst photoshoot in it~

When i saw this anime i thoguht i had to cosplay it, there was something about it that just made me fall in love with it.
Im not sure what but its an amazing anime and its not got much love in my opion so i thoguht i had to cosplay this and so i did ^.^

I had it a while before i atucaly took some photo's the reason i didnt wear it before or have a photoshoot was it didnt feel like the timeing was right.
I wanted to relised this costume with a bit of a Bang as its not offten you see cosplays of this and so i wanted to do it proud and the other fans that love it pround.
And i feel as if i have done that to some extent~
Or at least i hope i have, i have had some amazing feed back from people and some of the comment realy made my day <3

I wore it tempary at MCM expo this year however its not realy a convenstion cosplay, not in october at least >.<"
So i may now wear it at May or another even thats not so over packet.

I have also made the sword that she orginal has however sadly i havnt got any pictures of that as of yet, not till i next time have a photoshoot.
When ever that maybe.
I have also made the mask that she wears at one point, i also have no pictres of that ._."
But i will soon <3

However i have got ones with another sword, and god that was a pain to hold up for a long time xD

But yes defently one of my favourte cosplays and one that i am very proud of~


Darkiekun posted on 19 November, 2010 - 22:32
You look really awesome! Wish I could get a shot with you in my Himeko cosplay C8

Paz1o1 posted on 19 November, 2010 - 23:04
Awwww thank you :3 That would of been awsome ;o; Im yet to find a Himeko cosplayer thats close by