Riku (Organization XIII) - Kingdom Hearts I




I wasnt sure about cosplaying Riku as I never had played the games untill i chose to~
So i didnt realy know the charture but once i played the game i started to like him so i thoguht what the hell and cosplayed him~

It was my ex who got me to do it in the first place as she was doing a min Kingdom Hearts group with are friends and so i thoguht well i might as well and she did keep buging me to do it as she was beinf Sora >_<"
so i gave in ;D

I wanted to do this version as it look like a lot of fun and it was i loved runing around in it, however i had the not so smart idear of realy blind folind myself so i couldnt see xD
so i had to be lead around but it was funny and i had a great laugh with eveyone one~

I also loved some of the pictures that came out, some of them have turned out to be my favourit all times.

Sadly I've not had time to cosplay this agian but i realy want to as i had a lot of fun with it, and hopefuly this time i can make the keyblade as last time ... well it failed big time >_<"


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