Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy

Cosplayer: jaks-kingdom-dwarf

Variant: 1st version

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

9th May 2011: so close and yet so far well it's only three weeks to go to Expo and i still haven't finished everything :( i still need to make his boots, arm cover things - still don't know what to call them lol and finish making my goggles >.< i have finally got the wig to his shape (thank you moony) and i have started to do more on his armour lets just hope i get them all done in time :s

1st May 2011: Belt up XD yup, it's only four weeks now until Expo and i've finally finished his chest belt and made the bag too, i just hope it holds together ok i've tested it but as we all know trying it at home is completely different to when you're wearing them at the cons. Now my student loan has come i was able to buy the last renaming things i needed so at the moment until they come i can't really do anything else - also with me having to do essays for university i wasn't able to focus 100% this holiday on my cosplay. When will Universities learn that this time of year is a bad time for essays and exams because we have cosplays to make XD

27th February 2011: One more thing complete :D Yup i've finished Jak's trousers and now i've got more Blue for his tunic i can start doing the bottom part of his Tunic. I've also got the paint now to paint his ring (sound so rude hehe) lets just hope the weather picks up a bit so i can do it outside because i don't think my landlords would be too happy having paint everywhere inside XD

24th February 2011: Trousers started My sewing pattern that i'm using to make Jak's trousers has finally came but...i'm at uni so my mum posted it to me and it came today and so i'm now able to start them. Because i had lessons today i wasn't able to start making them until late this afternoon so today i am just cutting them out and then tomorrow i'll start sewing them on the sewing machine (after i get the elastic i need for the waist :D ). i've read through the pattern and it seem pretty straight foward but it's me so somethings bound to go wrong lol. so far i'm quite happy in how Jak's turning out all i need now is the last bit of Blue material to do the bottom of his tunic, paint to colour the ring i have for his chest, then i can start to make his chest belt (and to colour in his armour), buy the goggles i'm going to use as a base to make his with and some shoes i'm going to adapt for his feet and then i just need to make his backpack :D - that's the one that's going to be evil i feel

20th February 2011: Making Belt This weekend i've been busy working on my belt for my waist as that was the next kind of important thing as i couldn't really finish my Tunic without having this done as i neede to see where it layed on me i've made the leather part of the waist belt and i've done the cream part of the belt, i'm currently now attatching them both together, so by the end of this week i should have that done too :)

6th February 2011: Making Tunic Well i've finally started to put it all together this weekend i've focused on making Jak's tunic what i used for the pattern was an old T-shirt and my dad gave me one of his old shirts for the collar. On the T-shirt my mum helped me draw out where i would need to cut it as Jak's tunic doesn't have sleeves and the T-shirt i was using the sleeves were REALLY long anyway so after that i cut the T-shirt in half down the center then i placed it on the fold of the material because then i would get 2 equal sizes. i noticed for Jak's collar it was bigger than your average collar (more like a Harry Hill type) so when i put that onto the material and drew around it i added an extra 2 inches to make it bigger and allow for heming. i am most proud of how the collors turned out because neither my mum or i have EVER done shirt collors before and so i just looked how the original was put together and worked from there. i added about 4 layers of the stiffening into the actual collar for it to keep it's shape and only two in the part that touches you neck. Now i've got the top half near enough done i've noticed the arm holes are a little too low but if it just added material in it would be too tight to get off so what i need to do now is get 2 blue zips and put them in both sides because then i can close up the arms better but still make it that i can get out of it. i can't start doing the bottom of it yet as i have to wait until i've made his waist belt then i can see where that is on me so i can hide the joins. This so far is going too well i'm just waiting for something to go wrong - it's me XD

1st February 2011: Putting it together Well now i've got the material to make Jak's tunic and pants, i've also got the material through to make his leathers :D so now i just need to start and make them, as well as make his small backpack

21st December 2010: Starting now ^^ well seen as i don't have the money until January to make Jak's tunic and pants i thought i might as well start doing his armour. Tonight i started to make hi poldrin as i thought that would be the hardest as the shape is fairly tricky. Getting the round shape was easy i just got a balloon, but on Jak's poldrin it has a slight flick up at the end, so what i decided to do was get some paper (or in my case envolop paper as we have no normal paper lol) and try and model it into the shape i wanted. when i had done that and i had marked out where it was going to start and finish on the balloon i then got long bits of paper and i made kind of tubing shapes for the edges and then i taped that around the edges. When everything was stuck in place and i was happy with it that's when i began the fun part of PVA gluing bit of newspaper to it (i love the messy jobs the most). i have done one coat now and i will check it tomorrow to see how it has dried over night. i noticed with it feeling so thin i will have to do another coat possibly a 3rd just for it to be strong enough to keep the shape of the poldrin when i burst the balloon.

19th November 2010: Getting stuff sorted Well i've been looking closely at Jak's outfit and i noticed his collar was bigger than a normal type so what i've decided to do is have ago at taking an old shirt that has a stiff collar and then cut it off and use it as a pattern, and slightly alter the size of it. Before i actually make the final collar i'm going to make a mock version to see if my idea works (please lets it work) and if it does i shall then use the final material with stiffening fabric in it also.

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Anonymous - 18th November 2010

jaks-kingdom-dwarf avatar

jaks-kingdom-dwarf - 22nd November 2010
Thank you i've always wanted to do this version of him let's just hope i can pull it off ^^

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Kaythenia - 21st December 2010
Looking good chick! I can't wait to see the finished version, remember the green shadow for your eyebrows from 2008? XD

jaks-kingdom-dwarf avatar

jaks-kingdom-dwarf - 23rd December 2010
Hehe yeah i was thinking about that the other day XD

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Nomes - 16th February 2011
I can't wait to see this! Ashelin is on my list of cosplays to do. I love Jak and Daxter!

jaks-kingdom-dwarf avatar

jaks-kingdom-dwarf - 16th February 2011
ahh that would be awesome to see, hopefully i'll have him done in time :D

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Clover-tan - 24th February 2011
I'll definitely be looking out for you at the expo, if you don't mind me getting a picture with you. :3 I love Jak and Daxter, it's actually the only game I remember playing when I was younger. xD I've also been wanting to cosplay as Keira some time as well. ^__^

jaks-kingdom-dwarf avatar

jaks-kingdom-dwarf - 25th February 2011
no i don't mind at all :D just look for the Daxter on my shoulder and just up and say hi :)

i do hope i can get some pics myself as i never seem to get the chance to have any of my own cosplays but i always get some of my friends

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ember329 - 9th May 2011
I'll try and find you for sure!What day are you wearing him?

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jaks-kingdom-dwarf - 11th May 2011
i'll be doing him both Saturday and Sunday :D just come up and say hi ^_^

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Nomes - 19th May 2011
Jak progress! It's looking good. You should join the Jak and Daxter group in the forums that's planned for October Expo *cough* by me *cough*.

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jaks-kingdom-dwarf - 20th May 2011
oh that would be epic i was thinking of either doing this version of Jak again for October or if i can afford it, do Dark Jak then as i've had Dark Jak planned for roughly about a year :D