Dejiko + Gema - Di Gi Charat


I loved getting fans and photos of me done at the last Expo, so I thought I should go as a more recognisable character, and so I decided Dejiko would be good!

I'm really proud of the hat even though you can see a little bit of glue and looses threads on closer look. I made the ears stand up by stuffing a pyramid of material and sticking/sowing it on. The eyes I made bulge out a little by stuffing it a bit too. I threaded blue ribbon through gold baubles and sewed them onto the hat, and even though they don't look entirely neat, I'm impressed that they hold on so well.

The collar was really simple with a blue ribbon threaded through the loop on the top of a gold bauble. The black bit was coloured pieces of sticky label so that they would look like bells. I'm glad they aren't actually bells otherwise I would have ringing in my ears all day. And they don't jingle in the anime either! Do they? Answers on a postcard.

The dress was quite quick and simple. Again, impressed that the glue holds the skirt part on so well. The white skirts underneath were glued on too. The cuffs came out REALLY well as I managed to get the buttons on and fold and glue the cuffs over so they stuck out.

The apron I REALLY don't like. I measured the straps too long since they fell down several times and I made the mistake of not heming the material as there's lots of threads sticking out. And I just didn't like how the frills looked. I am DEFINATELY making a new apron before wearing this costume again.

The mittens are just mittens that my mum spotted. They were the first things purchased. XD

The boots are LOVE. I found a tutorial on how to make them and, since it was my first time doing this kind of thing, the first boot took AGES but then the second was really easy. XD I found the paws a puzzle to shape out, but I'm satisfied with them.

The tail was quite easy, relied on glue again. ^ ^; I suppose I can make a better one which doesn't have safety pins holding it upright, but it's not on high priority. I'm pretty OK with it.

Gema was EASY. A massive cushion I found in the Additions catalogue and then sticking on the material to make the face and arms. He did loose an arm sometime, but he's fixed with a new one now. =D Is Gema a boy? Answers on a postcard.

This costume was pretty warm to be in so we spent most of the time outside since the hat and wig were very warm to be in. The rest was OK - walking around in slippers is very comfy. XD For future costumes I'm going to spend more time sewing them properly since I think glue shouldn't be entirely relied on. I also learned how much of a perfectionist whore I am with costumes, since I see others and mine feels so rubbish in comparison. D:

Anonymous posted on 8 February, 2009 - 18:19
Eep thats really cute ^_^ great job! I especially like the boots and the hat :)

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