#194 - Wooper / Upaa (Male) - Pokemon Gold & Silver


Coming home from the last Expo made me think about Wooper and how the antennas are quite recognisable, so it was then my next costume was decided!

The antennas are stuffed tubes of purple material, then stuck together and glued and sewed onto the hat. I tried my best to get them as erect as possible. Good thing my skull made them rise up more. XD I also found a Wooper disc thing that you used to get from Walkers crisps, so I made that into a badge and put it on to give people more of an idea of what I was.

The shirt was easy. Just sewed on some blue material to make the belly pattern. The shorts were the closest shade of blue I could find that matched.

The tail looked more like a stump so I'll probably make a bigger one.

This is my favourite costume so far, even though I was very cold in it as I decided to wear it in OCTOBER. ^ ^; I powered on through though. I also loved how I was drawn on a picture of cosplays this person had seen. That made my day. =D

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Shorts with Tail
Blue Socks

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