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Hnn more Gakuen. Ah I'll be utter fail Tsundere C:
I promised Japan I would do the preppy thing again. I'll need a sweater vest & a blazer now. Debating on making this blazer as the colour blue has became increasingly annoying to find specially if both of us are going to look together.

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make/or buy blazer
Hunt out new prep trousers
School logo badge on to blazer
sweater vest

Total cost: £0.00

14th February 2011

Blazer & New Jumper

I ditched the sweater vest and went for this nifty jumper I seen for a bargin price. So thats currently in the progress of having paint thrown on to it for stripes & the blazer is just needing its patch.

3rd December 2010


Well thought I ought to add this here too... Wig minor progress. I don't know if I overly like it. the colour reminds me more of Draco Malfoy..for some reason the crummy webcams made it darker o____e *wish it was that blonde* In the progress of Ebay-bid war for a sweater vest for Gakuen~

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