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Ayacon 2011


This is Estelle's default costume from the game...
so why Estelle? Because I far too smiley as Rita, and it's pretty sad, but Estelle and I share some mannerisms too...so it would be too easy...

Scratch easy though. This will be the first cosplay I have done that actually requires some thought about the construction...Rita was an easy slip on, and slip off (after lots of wriggling) kind of deal...this? This is going to be very funny....someone please try to film me sitting down in this.

And lastly...pink! It reminds me of my tokyo mew mew day....just without me losing my tail all day long...:P

SarahSaiyan posted on 29 November, 2010 - 22:24
YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! this will be win :D when are you doing this for?? ^^ *flails in excitement*

Sammykins posted on 29 November, 2010 - 22:29
For Kita! I'm even going to make the rabbit ears! *is very determined to make the rabbit ears this time round* You're coming along to kita right? :D

SarahSaiyan posted on 29 November, 2010 - 23:11
YUS! *is very excited* I'll proba be Zagi again as uni work is too in my face DX So wanna do Duke :( Yay for the bunny ears :D

Sammykins posted on 29 November, 2010 - 23:23
Duke would be the most awesome win!! Extra point if you can do the deep voice! But yes, I'm hoping I can manage Estelle...my uni work keeps leaping up out of nowhere too :(

Fishyfins posted on 29 November, 2010 - 23:30
you gonna look so cute :3

SarahSaiyan posted on 29 November, 2010 - 23:38
I know right! it's my final year and I have a dissertation and have to make a game DX *boooo* hope you manage it!! you'll make such an awesome Estelle :D

Storme posted on 30 November, 2010 - 00:32
Awesome! Will have to get some pics with you. :P

Sammykins posted on 30 November, 2010 - 09:54
@Fishyfins & SarahSaiyan: I'll do my best! *determined glint in eye* @Storme: It goes without saying :D There are some awesome pics to be gained from the Vesperia characters, especially the Yuri, Estelle and Flynn trio.

ElegantAura posted on 2 December, 2010 - 12:28
You'll look so pretty in pink ^_^ You'll make a fab Rita sammy, can't wait til kitacon!!

Pez posted on 13 December, 2010 - 15:15
I demand a Flynn and Yuri comic!

Dark_Angel_15 posted on 16 December, 2010 - 19:51
looking forward to seeing your Estelle =D

SarahSaiyan posted on 16 December, 2010 - 20:12
I second what Pez said :D

TheStarlightFairy posted on 21 December, 2010 - 01:23
Oooh this is so pretty, I can't wait to see it at kita! A tip I picked up from the forum about eyebrows: put a bit of concealer over your eyebrows, then cover that with some eyeshadow the same color or a shade darker than your wig (which is awesome btw)

Sammykins posted on 21 December, 2010 - 09:58
Ooh, thats a good tip!! It would certainly make sure that no normal coloured bits end up poking through, especially if it rubbed off a little during the kita chaos! Thank you! (And I love the wig too! I always worry about the quality of the wigs but this one is so lovely!!)

KiraraYumi posted on 28 December, 2010 - 20:31
Yay Esteeeelle! Can't wait to see this~!^^

ElegantAura posted on 9 February, 2011 - 00:10
All that time you spent pinning has been soo worth it ^_^ No more threats of burning now please!! lol

Freyarule posted on 23 February, 2011 - 21:38
Can't wait to see it! It's gonna look so purdy <3 :D

picklesofdoom posted on 23 February, 2011 - 21:39

Limegreenjelly posted on 23 February, 2011 - 22:42
This looks really interesting ^^ cant wait to see it :D

street-angel posted on 24 February, 2011 - 12:23
We built a hoop skirt into the lining of our Estelle for Midlands and it really works well. We also pinned boning down the centre of the leaves but it didn't really add anything to the support/shape, even though we interfaced the petals they still drooped either side of the central line and looked a bit silly XD Just thought you might like to know. The red and yellow glove/boot tops were done using wadding if that helps :D Progress is looking awesome, looking forward to seeing this at Kita.

SarahSaiyan posted on 25 February, 2011 - 11:31
looks fab so far <3 it's so pink!!

ElegantAura posted on 18 March, 2011 - 15:53
Loving the wig!!! If only My judith wiggy had been as easy hahaha Keep your spirits up and you'll get this done!! <3 <3

Freyarule posted on 13 October, 2011 - 15:10
I hope you do finish this at some point because it looks really awesome with all the effort you and Laura put into it :3

Sammykins posted on 13 October, 2011 - 20:08
Oh yeah definately - I know Laura wants to re-do Judith, and I want to make some props for this one too. It'll have to wait until I finish uni though! I want to be so careful with the one - there is actually more finished then the journal shows, so there is hope! And thank you! ^.^

Smooth paper mache with *something* and paint
Cut out, seal, paint and attach foam detailing for shield
Make/paint sceptre
Foam armour for boots
Make the pink under-dress
Make the white coat
Bunny ears!!! *squee*
Papier mache base for shield
Buy boots
Buy material
Create the detailing for the gloves
Find a suitable pattern
Buy wig!
Find my white gloves *I know they&#039;re somewhere*

Total cost: £0.00

10th November 2011

Still in business!

I haven't forgotten about this one at all - in fact, I've just bought a wig for it! The old one, kind of got overchopped - I went a bit too far with the fringe, and I'm not happy with it, and it's not quite the right colour....BUT I loved the colour of my luka one - and could quite easily imagine it cut into shape! I've even been planning to remake the shield from scratch (and try not to cry at the hours of lost time on the original). Though I could save it...I might give saving it a go actually. I'm not sure though!

21st March 2011

I still have hands...somehow...

Yes,I really don't get on with pins...and there was a fair bit of yelping and squealing today because of said pins. I managed to hook the pad of my thumb onto on, because I am just that special. But it is worth it, ne? I actually had someone (aka sister's friend) recognise it. I'm gonna take that as a good sign - and that was even before the dark pink started going on too! *Is far too pleased with herself* So...I'm wondering whether I can make it in time for kita...place your bets people :P

17th March 2011

Normally I'm not to be trusted with scissors...

But I'm rather pleased with my wig-cutting efforts!!! I think short wigs are becoming a habit now. I was rather lucky that Estelle hasn't got to much to do, so all that is left is to style the fringe and ta-da. But isn't is scary when you start chopping - and then all the bits you chopped of look like you've hacked most of the wig off? I had to continually stop and reassure myself I dadn't made it crazy short! And in other news, with the handing in of two essays, I was feeling rather pleased and relaxed, and in preparation for next week's blitz on my costume, I decided to start pattern creating. So here is the very tiny bit at the back....now just the whole of the coat to go! (I'm looking at those sleeves...and they're making me break into a cold sweat....expect much moaning/whinging next week about them!) Apart from that....ARGHGHGHG KITA IS ONLY A COUPLE WEEKS AWAY. What on earth have I been doing???

23rd February 2011

No need to panic, Estelle is still alive.

The petals are all attached, wooo!!!! Took me about forever to finally getting round to shaping the back ones, but they're on and all hemmed apart from one petal. So I decided to pin some of the dark pink on the design. There isn't much time now - eeek... and that white coat of hers sure looks scary now!! But...I have accidently-on-purpose made the petals quite flouncy. I don't know how I did that, but if anyone asks, it was on purpose, okay? XD I put it down to the magic of some serious interfacing. That heavy duty stuff was starting to bend my pins (which, I'm not particularly sad about, as when I sat down to a seminar today I noticed that my hands looked like they had been dragged through a thorny bush) That reminds me, if you ever feel the urge to try on a costume thats all pinned together, and you're wearing pyjama shorts - don't. Just don't.... Attached: a photo showing the major petal explosion caused by mega interfacing. I'll pop another one of the pinned pink material on the main photo bit, but please ignore how it kind of needs an iron...I'm a bit bored of the iron at the moment *interfacing....*!

9th February 2011

After much pinning...and repinning, and threats of burning...

Well, here are the two front petals, and the top for Estelle's underdress! Funnily enough, the petals have caused me much grief - and there really isn't any reason why they should have! But it will teach me for having both the art concept and game concept besides me as references, which have slightly different shapes and different levels of foofy-ness. I'm sticking to the interfacing plan - I may reintroduce my tutu after more interfacing, unless it still causes weird lumps to form in the petals. Though luckilly, the way it is sitting on my hips is making it flare out nicely anyway, so there may be no need for the tutu (except to prance around in generally, but that goes without saying...) Sorry- I'm standing in such a weird pose! It is because I'm using poppers to attatch it all together, but as it still needs lots done to it before that stage, I just normally pin it to the mannequin. Unfortunately, I can't do this when trying it on, though the pins like to try and do this anyway, so lots of stabbing ensues! (Today's try on consisted of yelps of pain, scratches and a very loud ripping sound and a small scream from me- which is why this costume is lucky to have not been thrown on a bonfire!)

12th January 2011

Boots, petals and nurse outfits

There has actually been some sewing progress *is quite shocked herself*. Firstly, I cut a rough petal shape, using one of my favourite tricks of making a paper template (paper templates are your friends people!). Which I've since pinned a hem to, and realised it needs a sharper point, and the shape to be slightly altered on one side of the each petal due to the funny joining of the front petals. But hey....BOOTS! I'm not normally too fussed about shoes normally...but these are cosplay shoes so that makes a totally big difference! I love boots actually... my recent cosplay involves boots now that I think about it. Maybe I have a boot addiction. But back to sewing...the underdress is taking shape :) it's only pinned together, mainly because it had to be pinned so much to take it down about 3 sizes because my pattern is super old and was randomly found in an old warehouse and only came in a size 16. So there was a few minutes of being stabbed by pins as I tried it on, and some sighing as I realised that my original plan of having the pink dress slip on and off like Rita won't work because of the chinese collar, and my head is too rotund to fit through it. So poppers to the rescue, because a zip would mean extra faff. Hopefully there will be pictures soon of the dress, but as Laura said, it looks like a nurse's outfit at the moment, so not right now! >.<

29th December 2010

And off they went, in search of fabric...

Alas, the two maidens were bamboozled by materials...such glorious pinks surrounded Sam, and Laura was confuzzled by rich blues. It seemed that all was lost, but nay! All twas good, when Sam eventually chose strawberry cerise and Laura posed by a shop called Luigi. So it was a productive day hehe! The first pic is of me blubbing over which pink to choose...and the second is a brilliant example of my rubbish timing...that pose wasn't intentional... I think I look too happy about finally choosing one of two pinks for Estelle's dress. But I'm rather chuffed with the shade!! I've gone for a cross between the game and original designs...but I guess the two pinks are closer to the bright game colours. The only thing that is missing is the gold/yellow for the swirly bits and lining. To Brighton: I'm sorry...I really should warn when I plan to visit, shouldn't I? On the shield front...in the battle of warping v me, I'm winning :) maybe one or two more layers, then I can get sanding!

28th December 2010

The kitchen has been reclaimed in the name of cosplay...balance has been restored to the world once

Okay...so this isn't going exactly as I planned... Plan: paper clay over the shield, let it dry, then sand down and voila, one shield with some weight (but not a lot) and ready to paint and foam up. (That is my 'Here's one I made earlier', rose-tinted plan) Reality: The papier mache has actually started to warp, quite badly too. Which means I'm having to apply more layers of paper clay, which is time consuming as it takes so gosh darn long to dry, and try to rectify the warping as I go along by propping the shield up with plastic pots so th right bits curve and the right bits bend etc. I think my hairdryer will cry the next time I get it out to use again. Another problem all this warping has caused is for some of the layers of papier mache to start peeling and un-stick themselves, so I've invited my old friends the clothes pegs into the fray with another friend I fetched from the cupboard of lotions and potions (aka, the cupboard of enamel paints and glues), UHU glue. I WILL BEAT THE PAPIER MACHE! This is like Rita's goggles, all over again.... It is starting to even out...slowly....and I'm sure once I've sanded it down and reinforced the back with some sort of structure, it will be pretty good. It was already quite solid after the first layer, if a little crumbly round the edges. But hey, it's fabric shopping tomorrow :D And this time I will remember to bring my own bag, to avoid the tradition of the bag snapping in the middle of a crowd and me looking like a dork.

21st December 2010

The postie pulled through

I was so happy to get this today, as well as a pattern which I can use for both Estelle's coat and her under-dress thingy. Well, I was until I realised that I had spaghetti sauce on my chin when I opened the door to the postie haha! So it is unstyled at the moment, I just decided to upload a pic because I'm such a geek when it comes to wigs. I'm wearing the fringe funny to hide a spot hahah, and I'm not sure why I look drunk..perhaps I was giddy with joy that it had arrived? Anyways, I'm planning to straighten it...if it doesn't work I will bring out the hairdryer again, hahah, seemed to work with Rita! That will force/persuade it to straighten, then its a simple case of cutting the fringe the right length and thats it. Its rather simple this time round, so there shouldn't be any journal updates going "I HAD TO RESTART...AGAIN!" I just thought...I'll have to paint my eyebrows pink so they don't look insanely dark...I'm very tempted to do it and see if people notice if they're pink when I'm not wearing the wig. I'm wondering whether I could be trusted with snazeroo in the morning too...I'm bad enough with standard cosplay make up, let alone a bright colour! God help my con/expo friends who will probably hear at some point 'Ermmm....help meh!"

16th December 2010

This journal update is brought to you by...Sam, after finding her missing cable

Shield! It's currently a little bit flimsy, but there is about 3 days worth of paper mache there, so it was fairly resistant to me hauling it around the front room for a picture. I decided to give the pic a christmas vibe... are you feeling the christmas love? :) I'm planning to use paperclay over the top to smooth out all the lumps and bumps, and then use some foam for the detailing, as everyone knows I love foam *thinks backs to larsa* Though this time I will seal it instead of going with the tactic: "If I keep painting and painting lots of layers, eventurally the pores in the foam will be too full to absorb anymore paint!" - needless to say, it didn't work, and when I looked at Larsa's crest thing last week, the red pen I used to outline the shape is now visible underneath the several billion layers of paint. In other news, when I showed my sister the shield, she replied "It looks like batman". Does that count as a fail?!

2nd December 2010

Please do not laugh...

...but I got bored, so decided to sketch out an idea for a mini hoop skirt...only I got carried away. Be thankful that I didn&amp;amp;#039;t add a little comic of Flynn and Yuri on the side! Anyhoo, I definately want her skirt/petals/flaps to be quite poofy and bouyant, so some sort of hoop frame will be needed. I was thinking that the supports for each petal would probably have to sit over the main cage part...so when I sit down it can fan out instead of me having to sit diagonally and look like a nutter. Please ignore my colouring skills...I got carried away, but not enough to be bothered to apply any real artistic skills! *My art teacher would be shaking his head in shame*

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