Arcee (G1/Animated) - Transformers


For the ball, my outfit is inspired by Arcee from Transformers. Its gonna be fun ^^

I've designed an outfit based on the G1 body but the panels on the shirt are based on the TF Animated version.

I also plan to make a Rave/dance version of her for Kitacon 2011 and have designed an outfit for Marc.

Ilpala posted on 17 November, 2010 - 09:33
Looking forward to seeing these :)

17th November 2010

Making begins...

So after deciding on a final look for my outfits, making has began. I made a template of the front of the dress detail and, with the Simplicity pattern I have, will crack on making her this weekend. Really looking forward to the ball however need to buy my wig by Friday. Fingers crossed it gets here in time...

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