Ciel Phantomhive (Wonderland) - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)





Well, I must say that I do love this costume. It's so nice to wear without anything getting in the way. :D So easy and carefree~ *ahem*

This was the first costume that I put under a sewing machine (although there were bits I hand sewed because I was scared to do some bits with the machine). And I must say that without the machine I would've been up all night trying to finish it. I also learned how to sew button holes. :D It feels as if this costume was a test of how well I could make stuff and being a little more adventurous at the same time.
I did all of the "hard" parts first and then it was pretty much plain sailing from there. Although there is still room for improvement. XD

Originally this was going to be an expo costume, then it became a photoshoot costume, but it ended up just being a meet up costume. |D Oh well~ It was nice to wear anyway~ And it was cheap. >:D Less than £40 is an achievement.

I've waffled~ Any questions about anything. Ask.


rocksanie posted on 16 November, 2010 - 23:35
omg, Wonderland Ciel :'D Can't wait to see~~ :D

Nachtangel posted on 19 April, 2011 - 12:15
Oh wow, this looks great! Did you use a pattern for it or are you just secretly amazing and made one yourself? I'm hoping to do Alois in wonderland and I did buy something that I could of altered but it didn't fit me at all ^^;

Kacela posted on 20 April, 2011 - 11:25
You look adorable =3 You did a great job on this =]

Xiaoqiaorocks posted on 23 April, 2011 - 22:31
Thanks guys~ I did make the pattern myself, modelling it off of existing clothes and guesswork, which is why on closer inspection you can notice the flaws of my designs. ^^; But I'm glad it looks okay. :D