Juri Arisugawa (Movie) - Revolutionary Girl Utena


"It was because of my weakness that I couldn't discard your picture.

But I don't believe in miracles.

In the end it was back in my hand again.
And though I was once able to throw it away... Why can't I be so strong?"

Utena has always been one of those series that I love.
And juri has an awesome and interesting character, she's such a bitch at times! I really find the difference between her (and her feelings to some extent) in the anime and manga versions quite interesting.


So I decided to do her for the ball. However having just started a new job full time I haven't got time to make the jacket as well as faff with the wig so I'm paying Liz (Sephnoir) to make it for me <3 and if i've got time I'll help with some of the trims on it etc too. Love you Liz!
I've ordered a wig (which will hopefully arrive soon) in a slightly more natural orange shade with some wave along the length and I'll just add some drills to the fringe area to bring out the character more.
Doing the movie version this time and I'll tackle the epic series super croissant hair another time when hopefully I can organise a utena group.
However I'll be wearing black trousers instead of white as I'm not sure white trousers in an environment where i'll be drinking might work out so well 8D

likely to make her locket and rose signet in the future too.

eternal_aranel posted on 14 March, 2011 - 11:25
Utena <3 This will be amazing! I'd love to cosplay from it as well!