Souji Seta - Persona 4


Alcon 2010




The Main Character from Persona 4, Souji Seta. (Or whatever you decided to name him in your game. xD)

I'm a huge Persona fan, so I wanted my first ever cosplay to be from that. It being my first, I didn't make it myself. But I do love this getup. :D

...The wig is itchy though. ._.;


pharaohyamifan posted on 30 May, 2011 - 17:48
I know you! We saw you going past! My friend is the on ein the fursuit! ^^ I'm the one with the black-spiky hairstyle, in case you remember me ^^ I should be cosplaying Souji in October, if you're going and wanna hang out? I'm gonna try to arrange a Persona meet-up too ^^