Skuld - Ah! My Goddess




Everybody who knows me knows that I absolutely HATE pink!

So why did I do Skuld? Because a friend of mine did Belldandy and wanted me to do Skuld with her. So foolishly, I accepted.

This was the first cosplay I did where I actually had to sew stuff, which was fun xD I kinda cheated on the pattern though, as I simply unstitched one of my old school shirts and stole the pattern from there! The trail part of the coat was a bit harder to do though, and I spent ages working out the pattern with little pieces of paper :3 I made the earrings by painting small polystyrene balls red, cutting out discs from cardboard and putting them over the balls. I then bought some cheap earrings from Claires and decapitated them so I only had the bits that you put in your ears (I'm so technical xD) and put that in the cardboard disc. For the belt thing, I used a flexible plastic tube and sculpted the dangly bits out of Das paper clay (NEVER use it! It's terrible e.e). For the hammer (which was a pain), I sculpted the end part out of paper clay and made the actual hammer part out of cut up-and-stuck-together slushie puppy cups! ROFL! I then stuck them all onto a metal tube which was too long and needed cutting and painted it all in the car on the way to London xD Doing this cosplay was a pain, because I only actually got a sewing machine a week before the expo e.e So I spent maaaaany nights up late.... which also meant I didn't have enough time to make the gloves or the boot covers =/ Oh well xD


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