Xaldin - Kingdom Hearts II


London MCM May Expo 2007

Third place in the Junior's Masquerade




Well this was my first proper attempt at cosplay!

Although even though I say "proper" attempt, it was still mainly closet cosplay xD

I have a black, ankle length coat anyway, and I saw Xaldin and thought "Meh, why not? I could do his hair 8D" and altered my coat slightly so that it resembled the organisation ones. But it didn't have a hood, so I wore a black hoodie underneath. For the chains and things, I lazily made a paperclip necklace and I painted the dangly pull string things on my hoody silver xD I then made two of Xaldin's spears from plastic tubing, cardboard, paint and a lot of patience! I suppose this was the hardest part, as it took ages trying to draw an accurate shape for the spear ends from the images. For the sideburns, I used some face paint and the hair was hand twisted and braided by me two hours before the expo xDD

Despite it being a closet cosplay, and having a paperclip necklace instead of a chain (ROFL!), I STILL came third in the Masquerade! 8'D


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