Elvira (classic dress) - Elvira


Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. A classic american horror queen.

dress made of stretchy fabric with high lycra content. Jagged edges on cuffs and hem, with holes added.
Slit up left side of skirt. Very deep plunge neckline, with boning to hold shape of plunge.
dress is actually a two piece with seam hidden by belt. the top is a all in one leotard with skirt added at waistline.
Belt is leather, sits at waistline, with decorative dagger ( A fake spring blade would be preferable)

Wig is high beahive bouffant top and long straight hair to mid back.

very high heeled black court shoes ( since i cant wear courts, i will get mary jane type courts with a thin strap.)

Wyrdsister posted on 13 November, 2010 - 21:56
That's really going to suit you :p

RevolverKitty posted on 7 May, 2011 - 16:31
:D ive got to definitely find you for a pic!

Ranma1-2 posted on 18 June, 2012 - 22:35
Great cosplay. :) So gutted I didnt realise Cassandra was there so I missed seeing her. What was she like, what did she say about your costume? :)

Metamorphica Cosplay posted on 2 October, 2012 - 18:47
She was lovely and had a big grin when i wore my costume. Also in pure Elvira style said i had bigger tits than her :D

8th March 2011


One of the most important parts of Elvira's costume is her....cleavage. Now im actually bigger than her, so i am getting a corset made to get the same effect. Having it custom made by Desert Orchid designs corsets. As such , ive decided to put this costume back till October, which i also feel will have a better effect as its around halloween.

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