Feldt Grace - Gundam 00 Season 2


Amecon 2010


I love Feldt, my reasons for this costume were as simple as that. That and no one actually believed me when I declared I was going to dye my hair bright pink. Yes, that is my actual hair and not a wig because I could never find a wig that actually looked right.

I don't think any part of this was actually 'hard' as such, but it was the first costume I'd made in a very long time so reminding myself how things worked took some doing and some mock up fabric which might have once been a tablecloth. The most time consuming part was the trousers because they had to be done completely by hand as I was butching two pairs of existing trousers to make them. Sitting in class stitching that certainly got me a few odd looks.

The easiest part was probably actually the jacket, even if it did take longer than I'd expected it to and had to make further adaptations as I went along. I love that jacket, even if it is actually slightly too short.

It's very comfortable and easy to wear and I somewhat love it to death, I also wore it at the 2010 May Expo, but it wasn't 100% complete at the time as I hadn't finished the boots or belt.

Mostly what I learnt from it was a very firm reminder just how much fun cosplay is, especially when given free reign.

j_mercuryuk posted on 13 November, 2010 - 14:16
Wooot. You did a great job on Feldt :D Loved the costume

Elvish posted on 9 January, 2012 - 15:23
Just wow! But i think the wig is too colorful :)

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