Chouji (Butterfly Wings) - Naruto


Tokonatsu 2008




Well I forgot the bandages which sucked... thus black tights... and the wings are a tad... all over the place... but.. tada


MangaChild posted on 3 June, 2008 - 10:26
OMG SUCH A COOL COSTUME!!! I was saying the other day how its such a cool costume and on one has done it :s

XToadX posted on 3 June, 2008 - 10:39
I love me some Chouji and I can cosplay this version XD

Rel posted on 3 June, 2008 - 15:46
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Chouji ^___^ He's so awesome, this'll be a great costume.

XToadX posted on 4 June, 2008 - 15:14
Thanks ^^ hope I don't fluff it up on the wings x.x

Neko-Chan posted on 7 June, 2008 - 19:54
Zomg! thin chouji with wings! Awsome ^_^ i hope i see this some time!!

XToadX posted on 9 June, 2008 - 11:33
I'm still oohing and aahing on how to do the wings but most of it's done ^^;