L - Death Note



I just find L to be amusing, and he became a cosplay in progress due to my growing love of apple-things and random cosplay photo urges (we've all had them)

Originally L was going to be part of a joint cosplay with my friend Fox, but its still a work in progress with her, so I boshed together a rough outfit to fend off the worst of my cosplay addictions, at least until I get the time to re-do him properly when my other friend EmilyMai22 has her Misa outfit done ^ ^


I think my only problem with this outfit will be my finding a large white jumper/shirt thingy... but I shall be keeping my eyes peeled.

The jeans should be alright, just need to find some nice ones that go well.

Finally the shoes, or rather his lack of shoes... I think I may buy some pumps to wear, just some plain ones, for the trip to expo and any outside wanderings, but it'd depend on the weather really if I was to de-shoe or not.. :P

Anonymous posted on 15 November, 2010 - 17:38
Awesome L! ^^ I will be your Misa at some point :P lol x

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